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Hi, well the news is not that I’ve decided to become a squirrel or to write my blog from the point of view of a squirrel. Stranger things have happened. I read one the other day written by a dog owner pretending to be her dog. I thought it was all a bit odd, but it seemed to be quite popular. I guess there are a lot of dog lovers out there, and people who would rather talk to dogs than humans. I digress (as usual)… the real news is, no I’m not pregnant, no I haven’t won the lottery…. wait for it…. I have finally got around to adding an all important “About Me” page to my blog. Fanfare please. You even get a picture of me (please be nice!).

I’m really enjoying reading other people’s blogs and seeing what they have to say for themselves, now I’ve discovered this whole blog world out there. I must say I think it’s ****** FANTASTIC that anyone can set up a blog for next to no financial outlay and then have the complete freedom to express themselves, share their joys and wisdom, success or failure and connect with like minded individuals around THE WHOLE WORLD almost instantly, although shhhh, please remember some people are sleeping! That’s fine, we won’t disturb them, they can just catch up with The Waffle when they wake up all fresh from their slumber. I do sometimes go to bed with the feeling that while I am sleeping someone somewhere in the world may be reading The Waffle. It has a life outside of me all of its own, and sometimes takes me down a path I would never have anticipated.

The first blogs I think I ever read, before I set up my own, were about building a capsule wardrobe. I got some really great, free advice from bloggers on how to do this. It’s still a work in progress for me but I’m enjoying the challenge of the capsule wardrobe concept as well as the freedom to get dressed more quickly due to less options available, and the simplicity of looking at my tidy wardrobe that is no longer bulging and groaning under the weight of my consumerism and insecurity. Less is more. Recently I have been enjoying blogs about minimalism, other people’s thoughts on lockdown, beautiful photos, poetry, all sorts. I find that the blogs I like are often just the people that I think I would like in person, and the way they express themselves, rather than the subject matter being the overriding factor. I enjoy stories. I like people who ask big questions and stretch my brain. I also like the blogs about the minutiae of life, what it’s like to wake up in your own little version of human existence. I do not like loads and loads of text with no pictures.. we’re all too busy for that and will end up scrolling.. I’ll shut up now. Here’s some pretty pictures for you. Check out my new “About me”page if you fancy it, back Thursday 😊xx

This is my mint. So proud of this. I bought “growing mint” from Ocado and reused an old yoghurt pot (so sustainable, look at me!) and put it on my vertical garden wall for a ready supply of mint for cocktails and recipes for the coming months. Love it!

Published by thewindsorwaffle

I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

5 thoughts on “About me.. news!

  1. One time, many years ago, I used to write a blog in the style of my cat talking. Her point of view on things.
    That was my second blog, as I had a deaf blog going then. It was very popular my cat blog and my long distance friend said she felt she got to know me more via that one.
    It was fun and I enjoyed doing it. It was harder to post from that angle than what it probably looked from reading it, as I regularly posted.
    I did it for about 2 years then decided to end it, because running two blogs was difficult for me.


    1. Interesting Liz. I guess it would be hard to keep that up but maybe would give you a certain freedom of expression not talking directly from yourself. Having said that you have no problem expressing yourself directly on your blog. I like your straight talking.

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      1. Yes, it must have been easier through my cat than I realised, than doing it via my own deaf blog.
        Things were a lot different then, to now. Hence I am able to open up better with this blog. In the days of my old blog, I wasn’t a confident person and although there is an introvert in me still then, I was very introvert and kept myself completely to myself.


      2. Blogging seems very therapeutic. Everyone should have a blog. Some people don’t want to write, of course, although I find that hard to imagine, it’s something I wanted to do for a long time.

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