About me

Hi. I’m Gail. A big, warm “Welcome” to my blog.

I live in Windsor, Berkshire, UK with my husband David and have been blogging since February 2020. The above photo was taken on holiday a few years ago in Turks and Caicos at the conch farm we visited. Sadly I believe the farm has now closed down due to the hurricane of 2017. I have been lucky enough to visit 5 different islands in the Caribbean over the years and love swimming and snorkelling amongst the pretty fish. My birthday Caribbean holiday this year was cancelled due to Coronavirus 🙁.

I like to write about food, life, the universe and everything. Since the pandemic started to affect us in the UK I find myself more and more focused on my lovely garden, my little green sanctuary of calm. I enjoy all types of cooking and eating and am constantly challenging myself with new recipes. I once tried to recreate the experience of the film “Julie and Julia” by doing “Gail and Delia” and successfully completed over 300 recipes from Delia’s Complete Cookery Course. I am a dreamer, always following a story be it a book or a film. I belong to a great local book club that meets up once a month, these days on Zoom. Before the lockdown I used to go to the cinema every week.. for more than 10 years with the same friend. I will watch drama, history, comedy, fiction, documentary, thriller, cartoons, you name it, but not horror. I love to walk around town or city and in the countryside, travel around the world when I can and have lived briefly in France and Japan as well as for 3 years in Wales at University.

Enough about me! Thanks for stopping by my blog. It is a fun place to be. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do xx

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