Bank holiday no.3 in May

Hi all. It’s the third bank holiday weekend in May here in the UK. The last one I thought was too close to the one before, but this one I’m ready for, bring it on! The weather is great. Super sunny and gorgeous and all the surrounding nature looks so green and healthy. We areContinue reading “Bank holiday no.3 in May”

It’s Christmas in Windsor (apparently!?) + Chelsea Physic Garden

This Christmas shop has sprung up in Windsor town centre, next to the Craft Coop shop in King Edward Court aka Windsor Yards. It seems to be closed on Wednesdays, not that I’m at all interested in Christmas shopping in May! I’m trying to revive myself after a heavy nap 💤. Honestly I slept aboutContinue reading “It’s Christmas in Windsor (apparently!?) + Chelsea Physic Garden”

Kew flowers for the weekend

Hi, wishing all you Wafflers a happy and restful weekend. Here are some more gorgeous flowers from Kew Gardens this week. Don’t you just love Spring? This iris was breathtakingly beautiful, even more so as it was quite small. So delicate and perfect. Bird of paradise flower in The Temperate House. Not bluebells but camassia.Continue reading “Kew flowers for the weekend”

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

Hi, I’ve had the pleasure of a long walk at Kew Gardens today. It always brings back happy memories of my student holidays working in the gift shop there. I wanted to say to the girl on the till “I did your job in 1989” (summers 1989-1992 to be precise) but she looked a bitContinue reading “Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew”

Bank holiday no.1 of 3 in May

Mayday mayday, there are 3 bank holidays in May for us in the UK this year. One too many I think, not sure we really need one next week for the Coronation, after all that is on the Saturday… just saying. Anyway, the sun is shining so there’s no reason to be grumpy. David’s outContinue reading “Bank holiday no.1 of 3 in May”

Cocktails in Windsor

Hello. Just been finishing off the birthday celebrations. David and I visited this new cocktail/wine bar in Windsor. It’s called “The Cobbles” which is a good name for it as it is situated in the cobbled streets near the castle. This building, known as “The Drury House”, dates back to 1645. It has original woodContinue reading “Cocktails in Windsor”

Happy Birthday to Me!

Hi. It’s been a busy birthday weekend for me. All lots of fun but then so tired today on my actual birthday, it must all be catching up with me. Big naps are the way to go. David and I started off on Saturday night with a new tapas restaurant in Maidenhead. The food hereContinue reading “Happy Birthday to Me!”

Happy Easter 2023

Hi. Happy Easter to you all. How are you? It’s been a nice weekend so far. I have eaten a lot more chocolate than usual, of course. On Friday I went to London to the Astley Clarke jewellery shop in Covent Garden to get my locket engraved and get the pictures put in. They didContinue reading “Happy Easter 2023”