Welcome to my blog!

Hello and a very warm, waffly welcome from Windsor.

That is Windsor, Berkshire, UK, home of the Queen in case you were wondering. But no, I don’t live in a wing of her Majesty’s castle.  

Just starting off with this blog… I am new to it all so please bear with me!  I hope you enjoy reading my content.

Out for a walk

Hello and Happy Sunday to you all. Have you had a nice weekend? Been out to the pub on “Super Saturday” in the UK? Got your hair cut yet? For me, I’ve decided to take it slowly. I don’t feel like rushing back to pubs, restaurants or shops. I will probably get my hair cut next month when it’s all calmed down a bit. Next Saturday we have provisionally booked a table outside at our local pub restaurant for dinner, weather depending, virus situation depending, we will see….

I’ve always enjoyed walking, but that is pretty much the only activity outside work and staying home I am interested in doing at the moment. Even walking in Windsor Great Park comes with rules though..

Today we did a little walk around Holyport. We hadn’t walked around there since before lockdown as some of the paths we thought were too narrow to risk meeting others. We did meet quite a lot of people there today, although only on the wider paths so we were able to distance. Both the pubs looked very busy inside and out. The staff at one pub at least did not seem to be wearing masks, nor any of the customers. Anyway we ignored the lure of our first pub drink since lockdown and did our little walk. This is what we saw..

And then came home for watering of the garden, harvesting more potatoes for dinner, tea and cup cakes (Emma’s cakes via Ocado with chocolate flakes on the top) on the sofa with a catch up of the news on TV.

It has been a relief to get out and about for walks theses days beyond our local housing estate. I was considering a day trip to the seaside until I saw the pictures on the news of Bournemouth beach so I went right off that idea. We have bought tickets instead to visit Winkworth arboretum near Godalming later this week. It is a National Trust garden/parkland that we visited a long time ago and should take us about an hour to drive there. I seem to remember it was very beautiful, and of course being an arboretum it should have lots of interesting trees for me to photograph (and hug!). You have to visit now in timed arrival slots prebooked in advance at a cost of £10. each. I am quite excited to be going on a planned day out. I’ll let you know how it works out.

Last week we had a walk around Taplow riverside near Maidenhead. This is a posh new riverside housing development with some artificial parkland. The parkland was quite interesting albeit a little too artificial for my taste. There is also a Roux brasserie restaurant there called “Roux at Skindles”. David remembers many years ago when Skindles was a nightclub. The restaurant has great river frontage and it would be nice to eat there again. We have eaten inside a couple of times before Coronavirus and been to the cocktail bar upstairs. Here are the pictures of the area we visited on our walk.

David liked this old tree.

I’d like to know the history of this old converted mill.

This is the Ada Lewis trough, 1908. I had to look her up….Ada Lewis was a Victorian philanthropist. She was a very wealthy lady concerned about the lack of decent housing for single low-waged working women. She designed and built numerous housing units for women in the early 1900s. She seems to have also donated money for a lifeboat at Newbiggin and for a Jewish maternity hospital in London. This memorial fountain/trough has been moved to different locations around Maidenhead twice I believe.. in the 1970s and 2010.

Right, I think that’s enough chit chat and photos of our wanderings for one day. The roast chicken is in the oven (yum) and we’re having potatoes freshly dug from the garden, cauliflower and gravy. I was going to make some chocolate mousses that you cook in the slow cooker, sounds interesting, but that’s on hold for another time. For pudding instead there will be homemade rhubarb and crumble ice cream or Walls Viennetta. Have a good week my Waffle friends, back Tuesday xxx

The first potatoes and my plastic free packaging recommendations

Hi there. This is my first harvest of potatoes from the Waffle plot this year. They are Arran pilots and have the most gorgeous whisper thin skins that scrape off in a flash. They are currently boiling in a pan and the lamb tagine is in the oven. The tagine recipe is from this book below, from when the doctor told me I had slightly high cholesterol. I think my cholesterol is fine these days, but probably best to keep it that way, and this recipe is really yummy anyhow.

One of the many benefits of growing your own fruit and veg means that there is no plastic packaging. For several years now I have been trying to reduce the amount of plastic I buy, but I find this really challenging. Plastic is everywhere. It’s such a great invention in many ways, so cheap and durable, but so terrible for our planet. I got inspired to reduce my plastic buying after swimming with turtles in the Caribbean one year and learning how dangerous plastic in the sea is for all our marine wildlife. I decided I really didn’t want to kill the turtles. I came home raring to go and each week tried to reduce one or two bits of plastic in my weekly Ocado shop by choosing different products. In the end I got too busy to do this and a bit demoralised at how hard it is. Something may look like it’s plastic free and then on arrival you find it actually has loads of it inside the box. I was pleased yesterday that this pasta arrived as the Waitrose one was out of stock. It is just a cardboard box so completely plastic free packaging. Marvellous.

I will try to buy this brand more often. Although I always have a dilemma about how much more I am personally willing to spend on my weekly shop to save the planet. Plastic free often means more money on your plastic card.

I often buy Charlie Bigham’s ready meals. They come in a wooden box with a little bit of plastic over the top. They are obviously much better than the thick black plastic trays that can’t be recycled.

I have gradually been trying to swop my toiletries and make up to plastic free alternatives. The changes I have made have stuck for the most part and I am developing healthier buying habits for a few items. I would personally recommend:

1 A bamboo toothbrush. I love mine, it seems to last for ages. I think I got it in Superdrug. It has no fancy tongue scraping bits or anything on it, it’s just a brush. I’m really happy with it and will probably buy another one when this wears out.

2 Bamboo cotton buds. I buy these from eBay. A bit more expensive than plastic ones, but still affordable.

3 Lipsalve in a tin rather than a plastic stick. This isn’t my favourite make, but it works.

4 Non disposable razor. I used to buy plastic disposable razors. I now have a Boots’ own razor that came with about 6 new blades in a pack. I think it’s a men’s razor as I refuse to pay more for something that is pink rather than blue. It works well and has saved me throwing lots of plastic away.

There are 2 swops I have tried that are OK, but I am not loving them..

1 BECO honey blossom shampoo bar £4.00 from Waitrose. This is my first ever shampoo bar. It lathers well. It lasts for ages. But I‘m not sure it gets my hair quite as clean as my usual shampoo. After a day I feel like I need to wash my hair again whereas with my normal liquid shampoo it would be a couple of days. (I wash my hair every day at the moment anyway, since at the beginning of lockdown I heard the virus can survive for quite a while on/in your hair, and I didn’t want to take any chances!). I would maybe try a different shampoo bar, or just continue to alternate this one with my normal shampoo as I do now.

2 The White Teeth Box dental floss. I don’t like the fact you throw away a whole little plastic box when you finish the floss usually, so at much greater expense of over £4. I bought this one from eBay.

It is so much smaller than it looks here, in its tiny glass jar. I actually love the packaging. It’s really cute. And it would be great for travelling as it is so small and you can buy refills. The floss itself, however, I don’t really like. It’s a bit hard and doesn’t glide as well as my usual Oral B. I will use it but I don’t think I’ll buy it again.

So, I am now looking for your recommendations for plastic free packaging products that do the job and are not mega expensive for…

deoderant, toothpaste, dental floss, shampoo bar, moisturiser, sun cream, shower gel, liquid hand soap, lipstick, eyeshadow? Anything else? So I can stop worrying about the turtles etc. You can comment as always below. Or you can email me here.

Have a great weekend everybody. I’m leaving you with this lovely clematis flower I found in the garden yesterday when I thought both our clematis plants had died a long time ago. It’s hiding behind a hosta and a fern. Such a discovery! I love it.


The first tomatoes

Hi. I am very excited to report that I can see my first two tomatoes growing in my garden (see above). It’s been a tiring day so this cheered me up. I have also harvested some lettuce for my lunch box tomorrow.

The bad news from the garden is something is eating my spinach..

My first thought was butterflies as there are some cabbage whites around. On googling it, it could be weevils. I have sprayed some bug spray suitable for spraying onto veg plants.. and fingers crossed!

I’m really enjoying the yellow hanging baskets we have at the front of the house. You don’t usually see these ?petunias in yellow. They remind me of primroses. I used to not like yellow very much, but these days I’m quite into it. One of my favourite summer tops is a bright lemon colour.

There is a lot of other good stuff going on in the garden. The African agapanthus is going to be great again this year.

The begonias are pretty. They have such big leaves. It feels like the flowers are too shy to show their faces, they hide underneath.

The other hanging baskets are doing well too. All tumbling down….

One of our hostas now has a big flower on it too.

Will my sunflower ever get a flower on the top? It is growing up so tall.

I still love my geraniums.

The front pots with lavender and fuschias in are nice too, if a bit messy. I don’t suppose the bees care.

Well, that concludes the mini garden tour for today. How have you all been doing? This coming out of lockdown business especially with all the extra challenges at work is doing my head in a bit. I feel like I’m wading through treacle just to get the simplest thing done.

We had some delicious sea bass last night. I bought this partly because it was British and I wanted to support British fishermen at the moment. It was so quick and easy to cook. I sprinkled a bit of salt and pepper on it, heated some oil in a pan, and then cooked the fish skin side down for 3 minutes, and then turned it over and cooked the other side for 1 minute. It was perfectly cooked if I say so myself! Really succulent and tasty. I’d left it a bit late to get the potatoes on (and they were looking a bit past their best anyway) so instead I served the fish with some fresh tortellini pasta stuffed with cheese and smoked ham and added some petits pois to this. It was a lovely meal, probably relatively healthy, ready in about 6 minutes in total and not much washing up. Tonight we are having an even lazier supper of Charlie Bigham’s moussaka, probably with carrots. I like carrots, they’re so cheap and they seem to last for ages in the fridge.

This week I’m also eating the rest of the first banana cake I made that I put in the freezer. It seems even better since it’s been in the freezer. (I think the picture below is a bit out of focus so sorry about that, but you get the idea!) So moist and delicious. I’ve been eating it au natural this time whereas last time I had it with yoghurt as below. This is definitely the recipe I’ll use from now on, if I have time for such things now that work is ramping up again. The recipe is here.

I’ll be back on Thursday as usual with more Waffle, and hopefully a little more energy!! Bye for now xx

Rhubarb jam (and other Sunday Waffle)

Good evening, morning etc to you all. I feel quite tired now. I think I have worn myself out making rhubarb jam. It was fun though!

This is what it looked like yesterday when I put rhubarb, sugar and lemon juice in the fridge overnight.

And this is what it looks like now..

I do not have a happy history of jam making. I once boiled up some plum jam for far too long and the sugar went all hard and crystallised. I only ended up with about 3 jars of jam rather than about 8 it was supposed to make and it was really hard and crunchy. Then last time I made jam I couldn’t get it to set at all and it was really runny. I left it on the side, luckily sealed up, and next time I visited the kitchen there was some big ant convention going on. I’m talking MASSES of them, running in trains from the window all across the kitchen work surface to my tray with jam pots on, like some sort of horror film. Well, today, aided by my jam thermometer David bought me ages ago, it all seems to have gone quite smoothly. The jam is slightly runnier than I would have liked, but it is really tasty, I had some on toast for tea. I am so pleased I invested in these new jam jars too via Ocado. They look so cute with the red chequered tops. I can keep these now and reuse them for future jam projects.

My mother is a master marmalade maker. I don’t think I will ever reach her standards of preserve making. But I am improving. And I feel proud of myself at persevering with a task that still daunts me a bit. I was pleased to use this old recipe book for the rhubarb jam..it’s a Reader’s Digest book from 1977. It has lovely coloured drawings in rather than photographs and lots of really useful information. I bought it at a car boot sale a long time ago.

I promised to show you the rest of the photos from Thursday’s hot walk around Boveney lock/Dorney Common area, so here they are. We really enjoyed this walk. The scenery is like stepping back in time. The Dorney Common land is ancient common land. The old church is so cute, dating back to the twelfth century.

In other Waffle news, I have completed my Mosaicraft now and it is framed on the wall in my study.

Last night I made another round of Mojitos, using a slightly different recipe. They were good!

I served these with quite randomly with prawn crackers. Then we had liver, bacon and onions from “Cook” with boiled potatoes, followed by Pots & Co salted caramel chocolate ganache. They are like the best, thick chocolate mousses in the world. Ever. We buy them from Ocado. David always declares on finishing his last spoonful that he’s going to write to the company to see if they’ll make him a gallon tub of it he would eat to himself in one sitting. I wouldn’t underestimate his ability to consume this. He used to polish off an entire tub of Cornish vanilla ice cream followed by a gout attack the next morning.

Well let’s just hope us Brits don’t embarrass ourselves too much this week. I was shocked to see the pictures of craziness and overcrowding at Bournemouth beach, especially when I saw a picture of the same on an American blogger’s site, as an example of idiots around the world! So just behave yourselves, right!? Let’s keep safe and not go too crazy even if the sun is shining. 😎😊🌞🌼. You can do this 💇‍♀️ soon, but not this 💅🏻. Only do this 💃on your own at home or with a few other people outside at a distance. You can book this 🏖but I won’t be doing so yet. I’ll be at home doing this🎹, this 🧘‍♀️, and this 🍸☕️🍽🍪🍫🍰🥟🥗🙂🙃xxx

Rules, rules, rules

Photo by Gustavo Fring on Pexels.com

Hi, how are you doing? (Spell check just wanted to change this to how are you dozing!? Not a bad question on this scorching hot day today in the UK. Have you melted yet?)

This morning I had to go for a routine blood test at the hospital. What a lot of new rules there are since last time I went 3 months ago. You have to wear a mask, go inside for your number then wait outside, socially distance 2 metres until 4 July then 1 metre+, have your temperature taken, do not wear gloves (lady had hers confiscated, no idea why), make sure you exit through the new exit and not the entrance, don’t touch anything, don’t breathe near anyone etc etc. So that’s just the hospital rules. There are also the workplace rules, the hair cut rules, the outside rules, inside rules, seeing friends and family rules, the pub rules, restaurant rules, going to the toilet rules… arggghhhh! It was a relief to come home to my lovely garden where no one has to wear a mask and provided we have no friends or family over it is just the same as before, only better, as I love it more and all my plants are so lush.

My poor plants in the heat yesterday.. all so sad and droopy by the evening. I’ve been watering throughout the day today as I’ve been home, and coaxing and comforting them. I think they’re going to be OK, this weather’s not going to last much longer. It’s like a jungle now, some of them are so tall. Wow!

Last night we had the chicken pesto pasta with homemade lettuce pesto. Here’s the pesto after whizzing it up in my mini chopper..

I did confess to David before he ate it that it contained his most hated lettuce, such an honest wife I am. It was really easy to make, the recipe is here. You can use lettuce, spinach or any greens, wilting or not. David enjoyed it and thought it was nice for a change. I definitely still prefer pesto from a jar, but this is probably healthier. I also think there was a bit too much garlic for me and I’d reduce that next time.

After the hospital trip this morning I relaxed in the kitchen making some spicy Mexican meatballs from the slow cook book. Cooking is so mindful. I soon get into the zone, totally focused on the textures and colours, shapes and smells..

Here are the meatballs ready to cook. Oops I forgot to put the chopped coriander in them, too late now!

Here are some of them draining on kitchen towel after browning them in the pan.

And here they are bubbling away in the slow cooker (the green bits on the top are the coriander I forgot earlier.. ) I’ll probably put some more fresh coriander on just before serving. I love coriander, so fresh. It really elevates a dish. Get me, I sound like I’m on Masterchef or something! Some of this will go in the freezer by the way, we’re not that greedy.

We had a lovely impromptu new walk around Boveney/Dorney Common area this afternoon. We planned to go somewhere else but it was too crowded. When we got home the meatballs were smelling gorgeous.. I think it was the cinnamon mainly. We are going to eat them al fresco with new potatoes served in some deep white Ikea dishes my sister bought me once. I’m tempted to open a chilled bottle of white wine. It’s not an alcohol night in the Waffle household, but it’s soooooo hot, like being on holiday in the Caribbean. These really super hot days 34 degrees are rare for us.

I got some great photos at Boveney this afternoon which I’ll share with you next time. Here’s one at the lock, such a cute little hut! The house behind was nice too (I couldn’t photograph that as a bunch of young girls were having a bikini party in front of it). It was once my dream to marry a lock keeper by the way as I like their houses that sit by the river and the quirky way they often have multiple facades…

Good luck with all the new rules for life. Back Sunday 😎xxx

The best things in life are free

Hi everyone. As I recover from the news I’ve just watched of the government’s plans for the quite drastic 4 July lockdown easing, I want to talk about free (and nearly free) stuff today. Yes, I am going to stay in my little garden sanctuary world ignoring all our new freedoms and you’ll have to drag me kicking and screaming back to my old super hectic life (if you don’t, my boss probably will!).

Who doesn’t love free stuff? I certainly do. And quite a bit of it seems to be gravitating towards me at the moment, how nice is that? Here’s the run down of my freebies:

1 The picture above shows my home grown spinach about to be cooked last night. This wasn’t exactly free as I did buy the baby spinach plants, but that was a while ago and now they are so prolific all over the vertical garden wall, it feels like I’m getting a lot extra for my money. We only had a small portion so far, but it was so nice and fresh, and I can see it yielding a lot more over the coming weeks.

2 The rhubarb I planted several years ago… it goes on and on producing free sticks of rhubarb for me. Isn’t nature wonderful?

3 Tomatoes – I have some tomato plants I bought, some I grew from seed, and some that were given to me by someone at work. The free ones from work are doing extremely well. Luckily I really like tomatoes as I think I’m going to have A LOT!

4 Lettuce – my colleague Helen gave me loads of lettuces. Thanks Helen! They are thriving. I gave a couple of plants to my parents. I still have so many. They look so nice on the vertical wall.

I have a cunning plan to get David eating lettuce (Shhh, don’t tell him). I have found a recipe to make pesto from lettuce or any wilting spinach/old greens. How great is that? I’m going to try making lettuce pesto tomorrow. One of David’s favourite dinners is chicken pesto pasta. Usually we both prefer pesto from a jar, but I’m going to give this a go – I’ll keep you updated.

5 Plant pots – my old yoghurt pots etc are great on the vertical wall. This one has mint in it. Mojito anyone?

6 Cook books – my lovely friend Pat has had a clear out and has offered me her recipe books before she takes them to the charity shop. She has some Delia’s I don’t have yet, a signed Gary Rhodes and some curry ones that sound good. She knows I’ll make good use of them, always cooking, always seeking out new recipes and challenges in the kitchen.

7 Blogging – I think my initial set up for the year was £36. back in January. From then on I have had free blogging and reading of other people’s blogs and taking lovely photos on my phone. A very cost effective new hobby/therapy/creative outlet!

8 Ikea cabinet – yesterday on the local nextdoor forum I spotted an ad for a free Ikea cabinet that looked like it would go well with others we already have. I want to replace the wooden furniture in my study especially my dark shelves with something lighter/brighter. This new white cabinet will be great. It’s in very good used condition and has a drop down door at the front. I’m not sure what I’ll keep in it yet, I just like it. And did I tell you it was FREE?! Lots of others were interested in it but I was the most local and acted quickly to collect it. I have never got any furniture in this way before. I guess I have also saved this item from landfill to give it a new lease of life. I’ll do a photo for you when it’s all nicely dusted and installed in my study.

9 Clothes – on Sunday I dug out a dress from my underbed drawer I bought in a sale over a year ago from La Redoute and knew I would never wear this unless it became a top. I really like the material which is very comfortable and soft, but the dress was too short for me and didn’t suit me. I also thought the pattern was a bit too bold to wear all over. Anyway, I chopped it off, hand hemmed it, gave it a press and voilà, I have a new top for work or whatever! I’ve tried it on and it looks quite nice for work with a black pencil skirt I have.

I am so proud of myself for finishing this. I am extremely good at starting sewing projects but not finishing them. For my next trick I am going to convert a maxi dress into a long skirt. I love the material of this too, but the top of the dress is a little too tight for me and it is a semi backless dress I bought in Grand Cayman I would only ever wear on the beach somewhere. As a skirt I will get much more use out of it.

10 My last freebie of the day I am experiencing right now is time. I am not so busy at work these days and with David chauffeuring me in to the office rather than going on the bus I have oodles more free time. I also give myself a big pat on the back for managing not to fritter away my new found minutes and hours. I use them for getting enough sleep, cooking, gardening, sewing, crafts, blogging, relaxing in the garden, walking every day and reading. Wonderful!

I’m off to get the fish cakes and baked beans on now, which weren’t free. In the meantime I’ll leave you with a poignant reminder that Christmas is finally over (!) as our poinsettia has finally shed its last remaining red leaf…

Ps I nearly forgot one of the best freebies of all – my friend Sue’s Saturday morning yoga class. Thanks Sue. We’ll take her out to say thank you when we all feel ready to go out again – for me not quite yet, hold your horses! (or downward dogs…) Xxx

Life in the slow lane with a Mai Tai cocktail

Greetings everyone. Last night I made Mai Tai cocktails. The recipe I used is here. It doesn’t give exact amounts as just mentions 1 part or 2 parts of each ingredient. I used 40 ml for each part. If I made this again I think I would reduce this a bit as it was VERY alcoholic. I felt a bit lightheaded at the end of the glass, but it was also VERY good. With freshly squeezed orange and lime juice, David described it as “the best orange squash ever”!

Before I start waffling on about anything else I must just say “Happy Father’s Day” to my father. I don’t think he reads my blog, but just in case. I sent him some beers from Windsor and Eton brewery. They arrived amazingly quickly. I am so proud to support our great local brewery. Also for today it’s a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! to my two friends called Sarah. One of them I’ve known since school and the other since University, and they both happen to have their birthdays on the same day, this longest day of the year. School Sarah is a year older than Uni Sarah. Hope you both had a great day xx

As we in the UK start coming out of lockdown a bit, I feel a bit worried that I may lose the slower pace of life I am becoming accustomed to. When I woke up this morning, the first thing I did, as always, was to look out of the bedroom window. David usually says “what’s going on out there?” and I give him a little update on the weather or whatever catches my eye. This morning there was a lovely white butterfly flitting across the hedge-tops of our garden and then on to our neighbours. At coffee time, sitting outside and listening to the garden sounds, a pretty little blue butterfly darted in and around the hedge. Although I have sometimes been a bit bored, I do appreciate this more mindful life, where I have time to sit and watch butterflies and listen to the birds sing. As I embrace life in the slow lane, I am getting into slow food by growing my own and cooking from scratch. I am reusing my rubbish items where I can. I am also attempting to move towards slow fashion by not buying so much and making use of what I’ve already got. Like when I was a child, I find boredom leads to creativity. We had to think up games to amuse ourselves. Today I found a dress in my underbed drawer I had been meaning to turn into a top for at least a year. I’m now halfway through the project. I think it’s going to be good. I am never more content than when I’m making something.

My boss announced “back to normal” from 6 July. This means no more working from home part time. Not so many coffee breaks in the garden. Back to my hectic old life. I probably looked quite crestfallen. I still have a job and lots to do, so I’ll just have to be grateful for that and get on with it! How do you feel about going back as much as you can to “normal” life? Will you miss your lockdown life at all? I’m not sure how I feel about going to a pub or restaurant or on a holiday if there are going to be so many new rules to obey. I think I’d rather just stay in the garden. Maybe I am becoming a recluse. A woman of the earth! I guess I’ll get used to going out again.

The chicken and potatoes are roasting in the oven, the green beans going on now. Often my favourite meal of the week is the Sunday roast. For pudding tonight I will probably have some more of the rhubarb and custard tart.

This is OK, but didn’t turn out quite as well as I’d hoped. The rhubarb was supposed to be in a layer on the bottom but it didn’t work out like that, it all got mixed in with the custard bit when I poured that in. The whole thing seemed a lot of effort for the end result. I think I’d rather have a rhubarb crumble or baked rhubarb or the rhubarb cake…. the rhubarb cake was easy to make and really good. The recipe for that is here.

As usual I’ve been snapping my way around Windsor with my phone. Enjoy! 😊

The Colours of Summer

Hi everyone. I know it’s been a rainy old day today here in the UK, but now the sun is out, all the trees are looking so lush and green, and I’m feeling a bit summery.

I’m not really buying clothes now as, quite frankly, I have more than enough already. My aspiration of a 37 item capsule wardrobe for spring/summer still stands at a whopping 86 items including coats and shoes, but this is nevertheless a massive achievement for me as I started WAY higher than this. I do love summer and I do love summer clothes. So instead I am getting my seasonal shopping fix online in little ways. I treated myself to these two vibrant shades of nail varnish above. I would call them coral and purple, but Rimmel call them “Wild Spice” and “Lovey Dovey”. Wouldn’t you just love that job? Thinking up names for shades of colour be it nail varnish, lipstick or paint? I’d love to see the look on everyone’s faces in the boardroom when I came out with “you know what, let’s maybe tell it straight this year and call it “purple” for a change”, because let’s face it, it is. I am currently sporting “Wild Spice” on my toe nails… oh la la! So chic.

My girly shopping has not stopped here. For my new long locks I have also bought myself a magic hair comb, £5.19 from eBay. It is supposed to successfully do about 10 different hairstyles, so far I have mastered one:

But the good news is it feels really secure and I reckon I could do a downward dog in yoga in it without my hair coming out, and it would be more comfortable when lying on the floor for relaxation than a pony tail which tends to dig in the back of your head. While all this girliness is going on downstairs, upstairs is the boy zone as David has rediscovered the game “War Thunder”. I honestly can’t think of anything worse. And as he has a bad neck/shoulder already, more time in front of the pc is not really advisable, but each to his own. It will help him to pass the time and he seems to enjoy (virtually) blowing things up.

The Waffle kitchen is open for business as usual tonight. As I am in the middle of making a rhubarb and custard tart (how yummy does that sound?), I am keeping the dinner simple tonight of pasta with chipolata sausage pieces in tomato and basil sauce, with black pepper and grated Parmesan. Here is the line up ready to go:

I am getting quite hungry now with all this talk of food. After dinner we usually sit on the sofa together and watch something we’ve recorded on TV. I use the reclining seat on the end and David prefers to sit upright. Not so cosy, I now usually leave a space between us, not that I dislike my husband or anything, but I live in fear of him repeating the event of knocking me whilst I was holding a cup of scalding green tea that splashed all over my chest. I jumped under a cold shower for several minutes and thankfully it didn’t blister. But I wouldn’t like to repeat the experience.

So my lovelies, I hope you are all keeping well and happy. I leave you with some pics from Windsor Great Park today. Enjoy your “bubbles” and socially distanced park trips and whatever else we’re allowed to do these days xx

About me.. news!

Hi, well the news is not that I’ve decided to become a squirrel or to write my blog from the point of view of a squirrel. Stranger things have happened. I read one the other day written by a dog owner pretending to be her dog. I thought it was all a bit odd, but it seemed to be quite popular. I guess there are a lot of dog lovers out there, and people who would rather talk to dogs than humans. I digress (as usual)… the real news is, no I’m not pregnant, no I haven’t won the lottery…. wait for it…. I have finally got around to adding an all important “About Me” page to my blog. Fanfare please. You even get a picture of me (please be nice!).

I’m really enjoying reading other people’s blogs and seeing what they have to say for themselves, now I’ve discovered this whole blog world out there. I must say I think it’s ****** FANTASTIC that anyone can set up a blog for next to no financial outlay and then have the complete freedom to express themselves, share their joys and wisdom, success or failure and connect with like minded individuals around THE WHOLE WORLD almost instantly, although shhhh, please remember some people are sleeping! That’s fine, we won’t disturb them, they can just catch up with The Waffle when they wake up all fresh from their slumber. I do sometimes go to bed with the feeling that while I am sleeping someone somewhere in the world may be reading The Waffle. It has a life outside of me all of its own, and sometimes takes me down a path I would never have anticipated.

The first blogs I think I ever read, before I set up my own, were about building a capsule wardrobe. I got some really great, free advice from bloggers on how to do this. It’s still a work in progress for me but I’m enjoying the challenge of the capsule wardrobe concept as well as the freedom to get dressed more quickly due to less options available, and the simplicity of looking at my tidy wardrobe that is no longer bulging and groaning under the weight of my consumerism and insecurity. Less is more. Recently I have been enjoying blogs about minimalism, other people’s thoughts on lockdown, beautiful photos, poetry, all sorts. I find that the blogs I like are often just the people that I think I would like in person, and the way they express themselves, rather than the subject matter being the overriding factor. I enjoy stories. I like people who ask big questions and stretch my brain. I also like the blogs about the minutiae of life, what it’s like to wake up in your own little version of human existence. I do not like loads and loads of text with no pictures.. we’re all too busy for that and will end up scrolling.. I’ll shut up now. Here’s some pretty pictures for you. Check out my new “About me”page if you fancy it, back Thursday 😊xx

This is my mint. So proud of this. I bought “growing mint” from Ocado and reused an old yoghurt pot (so sustainable, look at me!) and put it on my vertical garden wall for a ready supply of mint for cocktails and recipes for the coming months. Love it!

Champagne Mojitos and belated BBQ

Good evening, morning, whatever to you all. This is going to be a quick post as I have a BBQ to arrange. We were going to do one last night but the typically unpredictable British weather had other plans and we decided to postpone to tonight. On the menu is rump steak with a homemade blue cheese butter, mushrooms and ready made dauphinoise potatoes which I just have to heat up in the oven.

Our champagne Mojitos are above from last night. These were really good. We used cava instead of champagne to be more cost effective. The bottle of cava itself was a thing of beauty, look at this beautiful bottle design…stunning!

I have a few photos to show you from the weekend.. do you like this elephant cloud on the end with his trunk going right up into the blue sky?!

There have been some fantastic clouds around over the past few days.

Well, I hope you liked the clouds. Short but sweet today. I’ll be back with a whole lot more Waffle soon xxx