The Colours of Summer

Hi everyone. I know it’s been a rainy old day today here in the UK, but now the sun is out, all the trees are looking so lush and green, and I’m feeling a bit summery.

I’m not really buying clothes now as, quite frankly, I have more than enough already. My aspiration of a 37 item capsule wardrobe for spring/summer still stands at a whopping 86 items including coats and shoes, but this is nevertheless a massive achievement for me as I started WAY higher than this. I do love summer and I do love summer clothes. So instead I am getting my seasonal shopping fix online in little ways. I treated myself to these two vibrant shades of nail varnish above. I would call them coral and purple, but Rimmel call them “Wild Spice” and “Lovey Dovey”. Wouldn’t you just love that job? Thinking up names for shades of colour be it nail varnish, lipstick or paint? I’d love to see the look on everyone’s faces in the boardroom when I came out with “you know what, let’s maybe tell it straight this year and call it “purple” for a change”, because let’s face it, it is. I am currently sporting “Wild Spice” on my toe nails… oh la la! So chic.

My girly shopping has not stopped here. For my new long locks I have also bought myself a magic hair comb, £5.19 from eBay. It is supposed to successfully do about 10 different hairstyles, so far I have mastered one:

But the good news is it feels really secure and I reckon I could do a downward dog in yoga in it without my hair coming out, and it would be more comfortable when lying on the floor for relaxation than a pony tail which tends to dig in the back of your head. While all this girliness is going on downstairs, upstairs is the boy zone as David has rediscovered the game “War Thunder”. I honestly can’t think of anything worse. And as he has a bad neck/shoulder already, more time in front of the pc is not really advisable, but each to his own. It will help him to pass the time and he seems to enjoy (virtually) blowing things up.

The Waffle kitchen is open for business as usual tonight. As I am in the middle of making a rhubarb and custard tart (how yummy does that sound?), I am keeping the dinner simple tonight of pasta with chipolata sausage pieces in tomato and basil sauce, with black pepper and grated Parmesan. Here is the line up ready to go:

I am getting quite hungry now with all this talk of food. After dinner we usually sit on the sofa together and watch something we’ve recorded on TV. I use the reclining seat on the end and David prefers to sit upright. Not so cosy, I now usually leave a space between us, not that I dislike my husband or anything, but I live in fear of him repeating the event of knocking me whilst I was holding a cup of scalding green tea that splashed all over my chest. I jumped under a cold shower for several minutes and thankfully it didn’t blister. But I wouldn’t like to repeat the experience.

So my lovelies, I hope you are all keeping well and happy. I leave you with some pics from Windsor Great Park today. Enjoy your “bubbles” and socially distanced park trips and whatever else we’re allowed to do these days xx

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

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