Mistletoe Thursday

Hello everyone. It’s been a good day. Do you like my mistletoe? I found loads of it on a tree at eye level. Usually it is in bundles right up at the top.

I’m in a good and Christmassy mood. All shopping done online has turned up, no hassle. I just have a bit of wrapping up to do and a box to send to my sister and family. Sorted!

There are a few Santas around our local estate, getting ready for their big day. This one’s not fat enough. He needs to eat a few more mince pies.

I thought these twin Santas were quite nice until my sister said they could be aliens in a Doctor Who special…yikes!

There’s some sharp looking holly around…

A few weeks ago I filled up the bird feeder with seed for the birds.

No birds came for AGES…day after day… it was so boring.

Then I noticed the birdseed had gone down a lot. Still no sign of the birds. David said he’d seen lots but couldn’t really remember what they were. “Probably sparrows” he said. I was a bit dubious as sparrows are quite rare these days. We don’t see them very often any more. But lo and behold he called me when they next made an appearance and there were about 4 of them on the ground underneath the feeder, and one above darting to and fro between the fence and the feeder. This bird looked really hungry. And also a collared dove on the ground.

Then this morning I had to laugh. A cheeky sparrow, I kid you not, was lying down INSIDE the wire frame of the feeder, the squirrel proof bit, with his beak wide open just gobbling up all the seed horizontally. Really tickled me to see him or her lying there like some kind of Roman emperor being fed. They’d obviously got fed up with the darting to the fence and back routine. Not stupid that one. I think I’ll have to buy more seed.

On a happy day in my home there is usually cooking. I like to get the food prepared and into the slow cooker to fill the house with delicious aroma all day.

Today I’ve made lentil and spicy sausage casserole.

I got all the ingredients out…then realised I’d forgotten the onion and garlic. You’ll just have to imagine them.

I’m quite excited that for the spicy sausage I found Boerewors with chilli from Ocado. Boerewors is a South African sausage made from beef, pork and lamb. I have had this before at our local restaurant Gogos Waterfront. They used to do delicious Boerewors sausage rolls… really yummy. I might try making some myself now I know where to buy the Boerewors.

Firstly browning the sausage pieces in the pan (it came in one long coil like a Cumberland sausage).

Then fried the onion and garlic and added the celery, red pepper, paprika, rosemary from the garden, chilli flakes,salt and pepper. Then the red lentils.

Then the chicken stock and into the slow cooker with the browned sausages for 6-8 hours on low.

I’ve had a little taste. As you do. On Masterchef they are horrified when the contestants are not tasting as they go along…I like to be professional 😂.

It looks and smells really yummy now. I just have to put in the chopped herbs – parsley and coriander – and finish boiling the new potatoes to go with it. Bon appetit my friends Xx

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

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