Super sky and architectural details of Windsor

Hi. You’re going to get a lot of photos today… brace yourselves!

To start with, here are some architectural details from my lunchtime walk last week around Windsor. I like the sign above for “Brooks DIY stores”. Obviously the store has long gone, but the sign remains, a little snippet of history.

These are some other little details I spotted around the St Leonard’s Road area. If you like these, I may do some more micro architecture spotting in the centre of the town. I don’t mean big things like the castle, I mean the pretty little bits you might not notice at first glance.

You just have to look up, down and to the side to see these little gems. This is a part of a café. Ionian? Corinthian? I remember drawing tops of pillars at school!

This is a gift shop, I wonder what they used to do here.

The old fire station, now an arts centre.

I’m quite a fan of these traditional lamp posts.

I’m also quite into telegraph poles…

So we’ve now moved into my “super sky” series. I was so happy that the sky was interesting and beautiful and had clouds, and gorgeous light. After the previous weekend of solid grey, I couldn’t stand that.

A little chunk of pretty blue sky, the arrival of the vaccine, perhaps.

Great ball of fire, our sun.

This reminded me a bit of the map of the USA.

I found a lovely heart for you!

An ordinary street made to look extraordinary by the sky… and the iconic telegraph lines.

Behind the hedge.

That’s it for now… I hope you enjoyed. I’m off to cook the moules frites. 🙂 (spell check tried to put moulds frites.. yuck I hope not! 🙁)

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