You can’t hurry love… or pumpkins!

Hello my friends. The pumpkins are still partially green. We decided not to carve them yet. Halloween will be late in our house.

I’ve never carved a pumpkin lantern before, as far as I remember. I want it to be an orange pumpkin, otherwise what’s the point? Did you know pumpkins are actually fruit not vegetables? Yes, news to me too. Just don’t tell David or he’ll never eat them again…🤣.

Here are a few pics from our weekend in Windsor.. the pub has plenty of orange pumpkins.

Cross between a pumpkin and a ghost?!

This made me smile 😊…

Just to confuse all the festivals, I baked my Christmas cake today on Halloween?! The whole house smells of warm fruity Christmassiness. Love it! It’s not iced yet, of course, it still has to go in the tin wrapped in foil and soaked in brandy for many weeks first. This is one from the past..

I start my Christmas prep in October as I enjoy it and also otherwise I wouldn’t get it all done in time. I am a plodder, not a last minute whirlwind. I do not do whirlwinds and would find that really stressful. I remember when I moved out of home my Mum said to me “Who’s going to organise Christmas now…?” It does seem to be an ongoing issue as my parents have been known to not get around to decorating their Christmas tree until Boxing Day.

Christmas for most women I know means lists…a lot of lists…. list after list after list. I’ve already made a few… Christmas cake ingredients, Christmas pudding ingredients, Christmas presents to buy, Christmas gifts I might like to receive, dummy food shopping list to get our Ocado slot confirmed.. The men in our lives look at us as if we are quite mad, putting such pressure on ourselves, making ourselves unnecessarily tired, and they may well be right. But then again, if the men helped a little earlier in the season…. women may not be driven into list frenzy mode!! At the last minute I need to be free to help David when he starts to think about Christmas on 20 December!

Photo by Any Lane on

So I hope you’ve all been having a fun Halloween…? Made any Christmas lists yet? I’m going downstairs now to sniff the Christmas cake again. Roast chicken dinner tonight 😋. Chocolate mousse for pudding 😋😋😋. Have a good week Xx

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