Halloween is coming…bonfire night…then Christmas!

Hi. Halloween has never been my favourite festival. I definitely prefer bonfire night on 5 November, and of course Christmas and Easter. I’m not a religious person so Christmas and Easter are festivals of family, friends and food.

I’m getting into the Halloween spirit nonetheless with my home grown pumpkins 🎃 – looking more orange by the day. It’s time for scary films to be show at the cinema. I do not do scary films. Last night we saw Dune. We didn’t really understand what was going on 🤷‍♀️ but other than that we quite enjoyed it!

There are Halloween decs popping up around Windsor now.

I am such a wimp. Even this fake spider makes me feel a bit creepy. I think it’s the legs.

A few other sights in Windsor today. This is really pretty. I think the flowers are fake.

This is a tree near the library. I like the really big leaves. Maybe it is a fig tree?

Another plant that caught my eye..

Oh, which way to go…? So much good stuff in Windsor….though not easy to read in this photo!

Home from work and I’ve rewrapped the Christmas pudding, ready for steaming on Christmas Day. I mixed it up on Tuesday night, steamed it all day (9 hours) on Wednesday and now it’s all ready in storage in my cupboard for the day itself. It gets resteamed for about 1.5 hours on the day. It smells – and tastes- divine. For those of you who say you don’t like Christmas pudding, you haven’t tasted mine yet. David has been known to send back Christmas puddings in restaurants as they are so inferior to mine he can’t believe they dare to call it Christmas pudding. I think they make very small ones and microwave them and the texture goes all rubbery and horrible.

I know it’s early, but I feel a sense of comfort in our pandemic times completing this task. Whatever happens with Covid and the lorry driver shortages my Christmas pud is all set! Next week, Christmas cake making before the great kitchen cupboard upgrade begins!

Here are a couple of previous years’ puds. Alight with the brandy and not. It always turns out well.

My lips are sealed on the recipe…a closely guarded family secret passed down through the generations. The recipe is a lot of guesswork as it is very vague in terms of quantities. My sister and my nephew will be using the same recipe to stir up theirs tomorrow.

For tonight it’s beefburgers and microwaved new potatoes from M & S, maybe with baked beans. Easy meal tonight. Bye for now, back with more festive updates soon! Xx

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

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