New sunflower calendar

Hi. This is going to be a short blog as I need a rest. It’s been one of those days.

I thought you might like to see my new sunflower calendar. I bought this from Amazon. It’s got sunflowers on every page, because you can never have too many sunflowers, right? Some of you will remember the gorgeous sunflowers I grew in my garden for the first time last year. I saved some of the seeds from the tallest one and am planning on growing them again this year. The sunflowers were very popular on The Waffle, they could almost have had a blog site of their own.

This is the picture for this month. Sunflowers 🌻 always cheer me up.

On the menu tonight is sausages, fried egg and chips. There may even be some baked beans for a bit of nutrition.

I hope you are all doing OK. Let’s all plan to plant sunflowers in the Spring .. we can start a Waffle competition for the tallest, the prettiest and the biggest flower in diameter. Who’s up for that? XX

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