Lockdown no.3

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Hi. Greetings from England and indeed the UK’s lockdown no.3. I predicted a long time ago we would have a total of 7 lockdowns in the end. “7??!” I hear you cry, yes 7 my friends. I hope I’m wrong, but we are constantly underestimating this virus and it’s certainly not done with us yet. None of the over 80s in my family have been offered a vaccine yet, with the government rubbing our noses in it every day at how fast they are supposedly progressing with this. This is going to take a looooooooonnnnnggggg time. And if you’re not really poorly at the moment, it’s likely you’re either really stressed or really bored or possibly both at the same time.

Today I am OK except I’m pretty tired. I was working and blogging in my head most of the night it seems (yes, I do do that, but not usually in the night time). Just when I properly got to sleep, David was shouting at me that it was 8.20 am and I’d overslept. I dragged myself out and off to work and I actually had a much better focused and productive day than yesterday, when I was in shock after the New Year break at all the new disastrous impacts of Covid 19 on my work. I am racing to undo most of the work I have put together over the last 3 months, but hey, I’ve still got a job, I haven’t got Covid 19 as far as I’m aware, and my New Year’s resolution is to stop moaning at work about work. Positive thoughts and positive vibes only. Watch this space. My colleague this morning said I might last 45 minutes. Honestly! The cheek of it.

I’ve nicked something from Jules aka The Rambling Sloth’s blog (hope you don’t mind Jules?x ). I like this chart with a little task each day from The Action for Happiness.

Day 1: Find three good things to look forward to this year? Mmmm. Tricky. I can’t say I’m looking forward to much as I don’t want to be disappointed. In the end I settled on David’s birthday in February, my birthday in April, and putting together my colourful Spring 2021 capsule wardrobe. All these things I can still enjoy even if we are in lockdown. We can have special meals and celebrations at home, and online shopping still works, although I’m trying to do a bit less of that with clothes, to achieve some sort of capsule. (Sounds like I’m off to the moon…maybe? now that’s an idea! ). I’d like to capsule David’s wardrobe but he’s not having any of it so far 😂.

Day 4: write a list of things you are grateful for and why. Oops I forgot to do why, but I think that’s actually quite obvious. I found this easy, I am grateful for so many things…. wait for it….it did make me feel all warm and positive writing it all down….

I feel grateful for..

Both my parents still being alive and reasonably well.

My sister.


My nephew and niece.

David’s family.

My friends. 

My education.

My travelling experience.

My blog.

My blog friends and readers. All you fantastic people! Yes you!

My health.

My safe neighbourhood. 

My job.

My boss.

Knowing my colleague who died.

My current colleagues.

My financial situation.

My cooking.

My experience of different foods and cultures.


The birds in my garden.


Living in a country with an NHS.





My new pyjamas. 


My neighbours.

My house and garden.

Ocado shopping. 

My warm duvet cover. 

Cups of tea.


All the restaurants I have visited.


Chocolate biscuits.

The vaccine.  

The scientists who made the vaccine.

Selfless people. 

Happy memories of things I used to do. 

Not having too many grey hairs! 

My book club. 

Books and reading. 

My iPhone, my iPad.

Comfortable shoes.

Warm clothes.

My bicycle.

My lovely Christmas tree. 

My Christmas decorations. 

Not having to work my whole career in a job I didn’t enjoy. 

Being able to sew a bit. 

Playing the piano. 



Ice cream. 

Doing my education/being young when there wasn’t a pandemic. 

Doing my degree at a time when you didn’t have to amass a vast debt. 

My glasses. 

Good hand cream. 

etc etc etc.

Grateful for my meatballs and pasta I’m just about to cook, and my lovely made up duck curry from the leftover roast duck last night… pic below… more about that another time! Xxxx

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

5 thoughts on “Lockdown no.3

  1. In terms of being cheerful, I’m keeping the tree up! It cost me a fortune, is gorgeous (Lodgepole Pine) and has barely shed a needle. All my decs have come off and it is now simply illuminated with warm white lights. My Candlemas Tree!! Aka a big, lit houseplant!!!! Hugs, Emily xxx

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    1. Sounds lovely! I miss our tree. It seemed too good to throw out but we did and it is now waiting patiently in the driveway for the local hospice to collect. I confess I have stroked it a couple of times on my way out! Xx


  2. Wow that is the most amazing list of things to be grateful for. You should read that back on days when things seem harder. 7?!?!?!? Since we are only on number 2 and you are on number 3 does that mean I have 5 more to go up here in Scotland?!?!? 🤦🏻‍♀️😱 love reading your blogs. Keep up the gratitude work and set your alarm!! Xx

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    1. I think you’ve caught up with us, so only another 4 lockdowns to go!! I am very talented at turning my alarm off in my sleep.. David is my back up alarm! I am grateful that your blog pointed me towards such a lot of gratitude!!! 😊🙃😊Xxx

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