Home office revamp and the first sweet pea flower

Before I show you my home office before and after pictures, here is my first sweet pea flower. So exciting! I don’t know if all the flowers will be purple. I think they are mixed colours, but time will tell… The sunflowers have yet to flower, but one looks almost ready to bloom and is towering over my head.

This weekend has been mostly about my home office. I got inspired by another blogger’s home office design that was mainly white with plants. I decided to replace/reinvent all my furniture, apart from the office chair which is as it was.

So, without further ado… this is the before picture:

And this is the after picture:

I’m really pleased with this. I haven’t liked the dark bookshelves for some time and this Billy bookcase from Ikea at £25. is a great shape for the corner, very tidy. The desk is called Malm, also from Ikea and cost £99. It is bigger than my old desk. The overhead cupboard, where I’m keeping my stapler, pen pot, paperclips and other stuff that usually clutters up the desk, is also originally from Ikea but was second hand and FREE from nextdoor.com. It opens up by pulling down towards you, like this.

I’ve even bought myself a new matching waste paper basket from Amazon.

The only thing I haven’t finished yet is the printer trolley table, which I have been upcycling with blue decopatch paper. I’ve just run out of paper and ordered some more, but it’s nearly finished. I’ll show you this when it’s done. The printer is currently making do on top of a couple of big books on the floor. This is how the project started off:

Well, pride comes before a fall and while I’ve been busy showing off my interior design to you, I’ve just realised I completely forgot to put the chicken in the oven to roast. Oops! It takes just under 2 hours to cook and we don’t want to eat that late. I have confessed to David, who took the news quite well considering roast chicken is his favourite dinner. Plan B is now a “Cook” ready meal of Hearty Chicken Casserole and I’m doing roast potatoes to go with it. I’m sure it will still be a delicious dinner. And I’m also still cooking the chicken which I’ve defrosted which we’ll have cold for lunch over the next few days. I’m making margaritas in a minute, which I meant to do last night, but ran out of time as the Malm desk took a lot longer than anticipated for David to put together, with my assistance. Everything’s gone a bit haywire it seems, but I have got a nice office at home, not that I work from home any more.. I can just dream about this nice calm space while I’m sitting in my real office at work..

Margaritas calling..I hope you’ve all had a great weekend, haven’t got any holidays booked to Spain in the near future and enjoyed seeing my new home office space. Cheers! X

Published by thewindsorwaffle

I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

2 thoughts on “Home office revamp and the first sweet pea flower

  1. Your office looked nice before, but new look, looks nice and smart and I am sure, for you, makes the office enjoyable to go to more.
    Love the desk and looks expensive then what you paid. A bargain I say.

    I remember where I once lived and having clematis there, I would always look forward to my first flower.


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