Furniture delivery and out to lunch

Hi. How are you all? Ok?

I’m a bit sleepy tonight having succumbed to a little nap this afternoon. I had the day off today but had to be awake early ready for my IKEA furniture delivery from 7.00 am. I now have a new bookshelf and a desk for my home office, both in white.

Today we have unpacked the bookcase and David has built this, while I’ve been sorting out my books and filing cabinet from the office. I chose this Billy bookcase as I like the shape of it and I wanted something white instead of the black shelves I’ve had for years. Apparently a Billy bookcase is estimated to be purchased EVERY FIVE SECONDS somewhere in the world. That’s quite mind blowing. It was a bargain, in my opinion, at £25. and seems relatively good quality. It is going to replace these old shelves below..

David has also been busy filling all the holes in the wall and amazingly he thinks he’s found some of the matching paint from over 10 years ago to touch up the walls where he’s filled. I am lucky that he enjoys DIY, is good at it and gets on with it in an instant, no nagging required! He has had strict instructions however not to go carrying around heavy bookcases or boxes on his own while I’m at work tomorrow as I do not want to return home to him crippled with his back (again). He will have to wait for me, but patience is not his strong suit! Tomorrow he will be waiting in for our new garden sofa. It is black rattan with cream cushions. Actually it is in 3 pieces: 2 chairs and a table that push together. I am imagining a round of margaritas on the little table, or a chilled glass of wine. I hope it is as nice as in the pictures online, sometimes it’s hard to see what you’re actually buying.

It is so liberating to be out and about a bit more again, albeit with some precautions. Today we cycled down to Gogos at Windsor Racecourse Marina for lunch outside. The setting there is stunning. This is our boat at the front (ONLY JOKING!!!).

The lunch was good, although the service was a bit slow. I went for the full cooked breakfast which was pretty big and very tasty. David had a beef burger with blue cheese sauce and chips. He raved about the blue cheese sauce. We had some Asahi lager, which always reminds me of my year living in Tokyo. We used to have a dispensing machine of Asahi cans outside my work. Tokyo was crazy busy but so much fun for a young adult. I have very good memories of my year teaching English there.

Well we’ve just polished off the pork goulash from the slow cooker and potatoes from The Waffle plot, even though I was still a bit full from lunch. It’s sofa and TV time now. We are currently watching “The Americans” and quite enjoying that. It’s about some Russian spies posing as a “normal” American family and hiding in plain sight. They have hundreds of different wigs and glasses for their disguises.. some are quite ridiculous especially the enormous purple tinted glasses Elizabeth wears sometimes… !

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