Windsor Great Park + martini cocktails

Hi Waffle friends. Are you getting used to the new Waffle posting schedule of Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday? I think I’m just about getting the hang of it except for the fact that I am finding it difficult to remember what day of the week it is at the moment, ha ha! So today is the third Tuesday of the month and that means it’s Zoom book club night so I thought I’d better get this post done promptly. We were supposed to read “Turn again home” by Carol Birch. I did try but didn’t manage to get beyond page 65. This was disappointing as I really enjoyed “Jamrach’s menagerie” by the same author. So I’ll be joining tonight for the camaraderie and chin-wag rather than having anything much to say about the book.

I wanted to backtrack a bit today and share some pictures I took in Windsor Great Park at the weekend, now that we’re allowed to drive to go for a walk. It was busier than usual but we were able to maintain social distancing except for a few cyclists who whizzed past next to our ears at close proximity. Cyclists never seem to think the rules apply to them. I was reminded by a friend the other day that my posts do not have to be always full of joy and overachievement. Without depressing you, you probably like to know that I like you have bad days as well as good especially during this time and things do not always go according to plan in my life as well as yours! So to be honest, the Great Park was beautiful but unfortunately David and I could not reach an agreement on the appropriate speed of the walk as I wanted to stop and admire things and take pictures, whilst he wanted to charge up and back down the path. We met up back at the car neither very happy with the other. We had words, it happens, we were friends again by evening. So without further ado, enjoy the pics..

I love all the old oaks in The Great Park.

I saw this hole as a slightly misshapen map of Africa.

Wow! Cows. You don’t get these around our local housing estate. One of them really stared at me. I stared back.

I love this picture with the red kite looking tiny in the magnificent clouds.

Cocktail time on Saturday night is always a happy time in The Waffle household. David put on a holiday Caribbean shirt and I put on a nice “going out” top. It seems we’ve started dressing for cocktails! I made martinis for the first time. One was dry vermouth with vodka and one with gin. I preferred the gin one and David preferred the vodka one. In the end I found mine too strongly alcoholic and put a bit of tonic in it. I think both of us would rather have a margarita. This Saturday… tequila sunrise 🌅.

So how have you been keeping? Getting stressed with your increasingly busy Zoom schedule? Getting stressed with the boredom of it all? Any nice food and drink this week? We’re having scampi and chips tonight as a quick pre book club meal. With lashings of tartare sauce. “See” you Thursday, looking forward to it already! X

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2 thoughts on “Windsor Great Park + martini cocktails

  1. Just in from my 3rd walk at Windsor Great Park since Boris let us go a little further afield to play……. why is it just me, or so it seems, that moves first to ensure 2 metres distancing from others on our walks? It ridiculously niggles me to be the one who takes the initiative- am I paranoid or is it a fact? Even on my 6am run/walk I seem to be the one who moves first! The Great Park is indeed great – despite the black midges who’ve had a nibble or two at my legs today, thanks! My friend & I saw a small falcon type bird enjoying a dust bath but it disappeared too soon to take a photo,will dig out my Observer Book of Birds tonight to try & find what bird it was, dear little thing & beautifully camouflaged too. Off to find the ‘bite cream’ for my itchy legs now…


    1. David is convinced we are ALWAYS the ones to move over! We obviously are not meeting you often enough on our walks, as you would move for us!! I also got bitten… on my back in The Great Park. A bit itchy. I just put a bit of E45 cream on it, couldn’t be bothered to look for the bite stuff, and seems ok now. Would like to know what your bird was..

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