Bacon v. Sausages (and some other waffling)

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Hi everybody. It was a strange feeling not blogging yesterday after 56 consecutive days of posts. I’m back, rejuvenated and raring to go!

Spoiler alert – this post is not suitable for vegetarians. Or even meat eaters of a delicate disposition.

So firstly, do you prefer bacon or sausages? I really like both. Overall I come down in favour of sausages, but I do feel that a good bacon sandwich is one of the best things on earth. My husband is very much a sausage fan. So much so that if ordering a cooked breakfast in a hotel he would invariably ask to swap his bacon for an extra sausage. For him sausage trumps bacon every time. For me it would depend on the quality of the bacon and of the sausage and also the kind of mood I was in, what I fancied on the day. David is very consistent, which is one thing I like about him as my partner. He surprises me sometimes, but I’m far more likely to go off on a whim with a sausage, piece of bacon or anything else in life, according to how I’m feeling at the time. Oh us women are so emotional!

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Before I met David I ate a lot less meat. Partly because it was cheaper to do so and I was a lot poorer at the time. When cooking for a hungry meat-eating man I do tend to cook meat or fish nearly every night. He doesn’t like vegetables that much, although over the years I’ve managed to coax him into liking a few more of these. He does, however, love mushrooms. So he will happily gobble up a non-meat meal as long as there is a focus on mushrooms. He also really likes the goats cheese and caramelised onion puff pasty tarts we make. Well, I can’t blame him because they’re really good. We also eat quite a lot of seafood.. prawns, scallops, crab, mussels, clams etc.. we both like all of that stuff.

Although I am a well established meat eater I made my sister laugh the other day by saying I prefer my meat in a packet from Waitrose not resembling its original form. In fact looking at this little piggy at the top of the page I’m in danger of finding his little face a bit too cute, especially as we had pork chipolata sausage baps for lunch. I had mine with ketchup and some of the lettuce leaves I’ve recently regrown. I was also in danger of getting too attached to the lettuce (!) as I have been watching the little leaves in their intrepid endeavour creeping up inside the glass for the last 3 weeks. These are the sausages we had…we often prefer the cheapest pork sausages like these. If you get posher ones they can be too fancy and the skins are sometimes far too tough for eating in a sandwich.

And this is the sorry state of the poor lettuce..half of it munched by me. All this time in lockdown, I may have spent too long talking to a bit of lettuce and watching it grow!

I reckon if you eat meat, you should probably eat all animals (except those kept as pets) as that would be fairer than just picking some over others. In theory this is what I believe. Now I’ve started wondering today about rats. What do you think about eating them? Not keen? In many cultures of the world they are very popular and have been described as like a very slow cooked pork, extremely delicious and tender. We have a resident rat living in our cavity wall at the moment, soon to be no more hopefully with the help of some rat poison. I feel a bit sorry for the rat, but it’s got to go. Apparently the poison involves some pellets that smell of chocolate. Death by eating chocolate, could be worse I suppose. I’m not seriously thinking of putting our resident ratty on the barbecue but it just got me thinking. There are an awful lot of rats in Windsor, in London and probably in every city in the world. They would be a very sustainable food source local to the city and if cooked properly do not pose any danger to your health. Is the idea so abhorrent because of our memories of The Black Death perhaps? It’s not just me, there’s a whole article about this rat eating idea to save the world here.

Well on that note I’m off to check the rat, sorry chicken, in the oven and to get the rest of the veg prepped. Roast chicken tonight christening the super shiny new tin! Now David has been getting a little too attached to the nice new tin, I caught him stroking it the other day saying it was so beautiful it would be a shame to use it and mess it up!! Ha ha.

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