Hi. I’ve had a frustrating day today. Not my best in lockdown. I’ll probably keep it quite brief tonight.

I spent over an hour trying to log in to work from home this morning and eventually gave up and went into the office. The laptop wanted to do updates, I hate updates. Then it just wouldn’t connect. When I went into the office I soon saw why; both the pcs in my office were switched off which means I was never going to access either of them remotely, however hard I wished it to happen. This might be something to do with the power cuts we had in Windsor yesterday. Was it yesterday? I honestly think I’m losing it sometimes. This morning I woke up and told myself it was Wednesday, complained to my husband that it felt like it should be at least Thursday, he just grunted and carried on reading his iPad screen. Ten minutes later I realised it is in fact Thursday. I honestly don’t know if I’m coming or going. Do you feel the same? Like all the days have merged into one?

As I had to go into the office I had lunch there and also got to miss out on the cold sausage pie 🙁 that was too messy and I was in too much of a hurry to take to work. So I grabbed a Ginster’s Cornish pasty and took that with me and ate it cold. It was ok, but I would rather have had the cold sausage pie at home. Listen to me and my first world worries, so hard done by it’s ridiculous!

Tonight we’re having an easy supper of fish cakes from Waitrose. Here they are, they look like they’ve expired but they haven’t as they were in the freezer. I love my freezer. We had to buy it as our old one broke down just before we knew any of this was going to happen. It’s probably the smallest size chest freezer you can get, but we’ve never had a chest freezer before so it seems really roomy to me. We keep saying “isn’t it lucky we got the freezer when we did..” What a boring type of married conversation about household appliances.

When I got home I read all the instructions for my COVID test. I don’t have any symptoms or anything but I was randomly selected by letter to do a test. At first I thought it was a test for antibodies, to see whether you’ve had the virus, but in closer reading it is not, it is a test to see if you’ve got it now. I haven’t watched the video yet of how exactly to put the swab in your throat and up your nose. Interestingly you use the same swab to do both. Nice! The first thing you have to do is to go online and book the free courier to collect it, before you’ve even done the test. I tried to do this and got a message to say “we’re closed now, try again tomorrow from 8 am”. I thought that was quite annoying, that I can only see their available slots within office working hours. It’s not as if I wanted to speak to a human. Well, I shall keep you updated with my scintillating progress on this matter.

I hope you’ve had a better day than me. Honestly my afternoon at work was fine and I got quite a lot done, don’t know what I’m moaning about. Here’s a few pics from yesterday and today.. this first one looks like how I feel.. the tension in the wires with the dark cloud overhead, yup that’s me! I must focus on the sunlight coming up behind.

Ah now, that’s better. The pretty flowers always cheer me up! 😊🌻👍

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

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