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Hi Waffle friends, I have an announcement to make (and no, it’s not that I’ve decided to have a sex change as per the picture above. I like being a girl even though statistically we still earn less money than the boys).

This is my 56th consecutive daily blog, together with original photos taken the same day. I am extremely proud of this achievement and I feel like it’s really got my blog off the ground, with regular visitors from my neighbours in Windsor and all the way around the globe to 23 different countries at last count. My first ever post was entitled “Less is more” and I have decided the time has now come to take my own advice and to blog slightly less frequently. This will hopefully enable me to maintain a high quality post for you, and also will allow me to free up a bit more personal time for myself. I plan from now on to blog 3 days a week, and I’ll start off with Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday and see how it goes. This does mean that you will have to wait until Sunday to find out what Saturday night’s cocktail of the week was, but I assure you I will be raising my glass to you and saying “CHEERS!” to you all remotely on Saturday night and thanking you all in my heart (getting soppy now, too much?!) for visiting my humble pages.

I managed to book the courier for the COVID test. You don’t get a choice of days, it just comes up saying “your courier is booked” which threw me into a spin that I had to start sticking things up my nose urgently, but then they e-mailed to say my collection day is Monday 9.00 am onwards, phew! I’m relieved it’s not the weekend as I’d prefer to have a lie in rather than setting the alarm for swab taking when I’m not even ill, thankfully.

I had a better lunch today, as I was prepared for going into the office, and no technical hitches befell me, so that was good. I enjoyed my smoked salmon sandwiches. I like to have them with pepper and a squeeze of lemon. Tonight is nothing exciting; ready meals of chicken tikka masala and goan fish curry which we will share. All I have to do is cook some rice, open the wine/beer and dig out some crisps to start. There is something about drinking at home where I always like to have little bowl of snacks to go with it. It reminds me of visiting my sister years ago when she always brought me a nice glass of wine to the sofa together with some posh Kettle chips in a pretty Portuguese bowl.

So, how are your plans for the weekend shaping up? I still get that Friday feeling finishing work and then followed by a little slump when I remember we still can’t go out and celebrate the weekend like we used to. Today I had some serious cravings for my pre lockdown life….dreaming of a day in which I could get my hair cut, sit in a coffee shop with a convivial atmosphere, surrounded by other people, maybe even share a little chat or joke with a stranger. Will we ever be relaxed enough to talk to a stranger again? I imagined how it would feel to go on holiday, pack my bag, go to the airport, Terminal 5 Heathrow (my favourite), to browse the shops and soak up the busyness of the space. I always enjoyed people watching at the airport. So many stories, adventures, romances and break ups, new beginnings and emotions all in front of your eyes. The place was always charged with human energy and endeavour. Now it must be so quiet. I’d like to go to the pub tonight. We used to cycle there. It was fun.

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Instead I will be reclining on the sofa with my nearest and dearest, probably watching a film with a glass of chilled white wine in my hand. Actually that sounds pretty good.

Here, as always, are the photos of the day…

One of the new hanging baskets has one cheery red flower already.

This is my crazy, Turner-esque photo from today. I was trying to capture the sky which was a lot lighter than this. It looked all smeary like someone was smoothing icing all over a cake with a spatula.

Amazing aeroplane contrail in the sky yesterday, looks like a rocket going off into space.

That’s all folks. Waffle over and out. Catch you Sunday X 😎

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