Happy Birthday to Me!

Hi. It’s been a busy birthday weekend for me. All lots of fun but then so tired today on my actual birthday, it must all be catching up with me. Big naps are the way to go.

David and I started off on Saturday night with a new tapas restaurant in Maidenhead.

The food here was amazing. Such rich sauces, ridiculously good, but so rich. We’d need to think carefully about the balance of dishes next time as all the ones we had were all very heavy but absolutely delicious. Never had such good patatas bravas. The food was from the Basque region. I highly recommend this restaurant.

Then yesterday we went to stay one night in the Castle and Ball Inn in Marlborough, Wiltshire, just over an hour’s drive from Windsor. One of the highlights was visiting the Wilton Windmill built in 1821. This windmill still works. We climbed right up inside it on a tour. The surrounding scenery was stunning, even on a dull day. The tour was £5. each which we felt was good value, very interesting and David’s knee held up on the steep stairs inside, almost vertical.

The granary, grain store.

Today’s highlight was spotting the chalk white horse in the hill in nearby Pewsey. There are 8 white horses in this area of Wessex carved into the chalk. They are mostly not that old. The Pewsey one is from 1937 but was made on the site of an older one.

When you’re on top of it, it doesn’t look very horse shaped at all! the green grass circle is its eye.

You can see the tail here, from above.

The scenery is stunning. We don’t have wide open fields like this in Windsor. I think this is oilseed rape.

The chalk path..

Annoyingly the hotel have overcharged us by £40. It was a genuine mistake but they seem unable to give a prompt refund and it’s been forwarded to their finance team to do today… no news yet. We will have to chase them up again tomorrow.

I’ve had so many lovely messages, cards and gifts today.

Back to work tomorrow so I’m off to make the sandwiches and get my clothes ready for work. Ready for a big sleep after the birthday shenanigans! Bye for now Xx

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

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