Happy Easter 2023

Hi. Happy Easter to you all. How are you?

It’s been a nice weekend so far. I have eaten a lot more chocolate than usual, of course.

On Friday I went to London to the Astley Clarke jewellery shop in Covent Garden to get my locket engraved and get the pictures put in. They did the engraving but were unable to do the pictures as they don’t have the right template on their pc yet as my locket is a new design. They were very apologetic and have my photos and will post them to me when they’re ready. I was impressed with the level of customer service in this shop and the jewellery seems of a very high quality and very beautiful. It’s expensive but some pieces, like my locket, are not out of this world in terms of £££££s.

It was good to be back in London. I walked over Waterloo Bridge which was my daily commute about 26 years ago!! I felt old when I figured that out. Stunning clouds. This is the contrast between going and coming home, it was sunny all day but the sky brightened up as the day went on.

Mystery person in front of the St Paul’s Cathedral skyline. He has no idea he’s on The Waffle ha ha 🤣! Hello mystery man.

It’s always great to go to London, but always great to come home back to Windsor too.

Such a glorious day it was. I picked up my Mum’s new watch from Timpson’s in Windsor which I’d left for engraving her initials on the back. It was a day of engraving. I bought my Mum’s watch in John Lewis. Actually I bought it online from John Lewis as it was a bit cheaper online. I got her the one on the left for her birthday. She was very pleased with it.

My Mum is 92 today. Happy Birthday to her. David and I saw her yesterday as my Dad wanted to go today. We took my Mum for a walk in the garden for the first time with her frame. She really enjoyed it and met lots of carers and people she recognised from the home en route. She was pretty fast walking with her frame. She told everyone “it’s my birthday tomorrow!” so I’m sure they’ve made a big fuss of her today. She also did plane spotting with David, she loves watching the planes, as does he. He has an app on his phone that shows where they’re going to and from. The care home is about 7 miles from Heathrow, so there’s a lot to see. She liked the big A380.

Today is Easter Sunday. My Easter tree was minimal effort this year. I just hung the painted eggs on my Christmas twigs 🤣🤣.

Yum yum yum I do like Lindor chocolate. You can’t see the egg any more in the packaging as they no longer have a plastic window. You have to trust there’s one inside! I used to like turning the half eaten egg around and pretending it was still whole… can’t do that any more, spoilt my fun but saved the planet I guess.

I nearly forgot, the most exciting news of the weekend is that I’ve got chiffchaffs! Sounds like some nasty disease 🤣 but they’re actually lovely little birds I spotted in our garden yesterday. They are quite delicate with a stripe near their eye and have a distinctive chiff chaff call. When I spotted them yesterday it was actually pretty stressful as a big ginger cat had arrived in the garden and was hunting them. The little chiffchaffs were squawking and panicking whilst flying very near to the cat’s paw in the chaos. I rushed out and shooed away the cat. Hope that’s the last we’ve seen of him. Meanwhile my sister sent me a photo of a gorgeous butterfly she’d spotted near her home only to witness a cat eat it a couple of minutes later. I’ve gone right off cats! Sorry cat lovers.

That’s it for today I guess. Roast chicken for us tonight and another whole day off work tomorrow. Yippee! 😎 Xx

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

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