Decluttering 98/100

Hello everyone. I’m going to keep waffling on about decluttering as that seems to be going very well for me, whilst other aspects of my life have completely fallen apart.

Today’s Orjenise category was coins and money. I looked at my pot of foreign currency and decided to keep the notes and a few bigger coins of Euros and dollars as I’ll probably use those again. It’s always a nice surprise before a holiday to find out I’ve got an extra 50 euros or so from my previous holiday to spend.

What to do with the rest of the old foreign coins? I’m going to take them to Oxfam as they collect donations of the same. I did this last year during the Orjenise 100 challenge. I’m surprised I still found so many left in my cupboard. I guess last year I must have still thought the ones I kept were interesting or something, who knows.

I’m going for a total of 200 items out of the house in January, like I managed last year. The Orjenise target is 100, but it depends how you count things really. For example, I’m counting my bag of 20-30 coins as 1 item, but I guess some people may count them in full.

Is your house looking tidy yet? Such a calming feeling in the mind I find, especially having grown up with hoards of clutter and not even a space to sit on the sofa or a clear dining table to eat one’s dinner. Still a work in progress here, but getting there.

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