Still talking about stuff..

Hello. How are you? It’s pretty chilly here in Windsor today.

The decluttering is ongoing, going well. Today we took a load of stuff to the charity shop because, let’s face it, just piling stuff up in the garage is not really the solution.

I’m up to 130/200 items decluttered this month. I’m going for 200. 10 days to go.

If you want to know the sorts of things that are going.. a free mini moisturiser I got on a plane once, an egg slicer that’s been unused in the kitchen drawer for 20+ years, a bra that’s become really difficult to do up as the catch is half broken, a couple of cookery books that I’ve never used as I prefer other ones, a couple of CDs, some dead flowers from the vase, a jacket that I find too fitted, a notepad as I’ve already got about 15 other unused notepads, a couple of ramekins as they seem to breed in the cupboard, a lanyard from a festival I went to, some ugly pots I made at a pottery course last year.. etc etc

Then I’m also mindful of my shopping this month and bringing other stuff in. There’s no point in decluttering if you’re also cluttering at the same time. Mostly I shop for my Mum these days. I’ve bought her some flowers (my money) and some new underwear and some name tags that get ironed on (her money). I’ve bought myself The British Cook Book but that doesn’t really count as I used up a voucher to buy it as one of the Orjenise categories was vouchers and gift cards. I’ve also bought a pair of black trousers from NEXT. I’ve worn them a couple of times to work. I do not think they are particularly good quality. I’m wondering whether I should have bought some more expensive trousers in a better material but it’s too late now.

Not much else to report. I haven’t done much cooking recently except a yummy salmon and pasta bake last night from the Good Housekeeping Express Cookbook. Tomorrow will be roast chicken dinner followed by chocolate mousses. We have the Pots & Co chocolate ganache ones… oops I sense more ramekins arriving in the cupboard! All this stuff is a tricky business..

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3 thoughts on “Still talking about stuff..

  1. You are doing so well!! I stopped completely since we’ve been unwell, maybe just an excuse to be super lazy… but I’m still very excited about doing it. I might have to do a lot of days at once! Xx

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