And then there were three

Update on the sunny sunflowers, there are now three flowers out on the tall sunflower plant.. and another one soon to come yippee!! It is really hard not to be happy when you’re looking at a sunflower.

“Happiness is a fully charged I-pad when you’re about to write your blog”. So many times I’ve been raring to go, ready to chat to you all of an evening and …. ***** it, I see only 8% charge, that’ll never work… and then waiting what seems like FOREVER for it to charge up enough. Well tonight, dear readers, I was lucky and 99% was all waiting for me. Marvellous.

It’s been a slightly challenging 24 hours. I try to use the word challenging rather than stressful as that sounds easier to manage. Work is very busy.. and challenging.. I had to have a GP telephone consult this morning as well during work time and that became a bit challenging too as firstly it took 11 attempts to get in the queue on the phone, and then you’re not allowed to pick a day or time for the conversation, so you’re trying to do your day job whilst listening out for the GP’s call, avoid your listening colleagues, and then of course they phone the moment you’re in the loo… arghhh! That’s really not the end of the saga, it went beyond this, but you get the picture. And my elderly parents have been a bit trying too of late. Enough! The Waffle is a happy place away from my daily issues, so here we are again, let’s breathe and think happy sunflower thoughts…Ahhhh, that’s better.

The sweet peas have some lovely deep coloured flowers today.

I love this little selection below. If I was an artist I’d do a watercolour of these. In fact I’d like to do this if I had more time and I had the faintest idea how you even do a watercolour. I guess you just get some watercolour paints and mix with water? Is that it? Does anyone have any idea?! Anyway, this is the little inspirational group. So many different shades of purple and pink even on each individual flower. Reminds me of tie dye.

Talking of tie dye, I read this great article about individuals who had started up their own little enterprises at home during lockdown. I saw this girl had done some amazing tie dye oversized sweatshirts and jogging bottoms, just because she was bored, and then everyone started buying them. I treated myself to a long sleeved T-shirt with an original botanical illustration on done by another lockdown entrepreneur, a young Londoner who usually works as a fashion stylist. It’s a bit big for me, but I really like the design. I haven’t worn it yet but will do so in the autumn.. part of my Fall/Winter 2020 casual wear capsule collection. Get me!

This is the inspiring article of entrepreneurs.
And here is the link to the top I bought from Rosa Floral. Nice isn’t it? It’s good to buy something creative/ semi handmade from a local seller not a big chain store.

Tonight we’re having Nigel Slater’s leek and camembert risotto. Looking forward to both cooking and eating that. I get lost in the moment stirring in a pan, watching the rice grains glistening and then swelling, the bright fresh green and white of the leeks, the cheese melting in a most glorious, decadent way. Who doesn’t love melted cheese? Well, actually quite a lot of people I think. My 14 year old nephew has a dislike of brie.. so much so he didn’t want to touch it to carry it from the table to the fridge recently. I’ll have to get my sister to cook him this yummy dish with Brie or Camembert and that will flummox him. Gorgeous gooey melted cheese, what’s not to like?!

No more fridge magnet talk today..I’m saving up that excitement for another time. 😎 😂

P.S Pointless task of the evening…. try to say the title of this blog post three times really fast… it’s not easy but it might make you laugh! Ha ha.

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8 thoughts on “And then there were three

  1. You have a brilliant display of sunflowers. Yes, it’s hard not to smile at a cheerful sunflower, let alone a brilliant display.

    Love the sweet peas too and I like that top. I will take a look at the rest of the shop from that seller later.
    I like to buy from Etsy, as I have been sharing a few times on my blog of small purchases.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Those sweet peas are gorgeous Gail, beautiful colours-I love purples and pinks.
    Whose sausage pie recipe do you use? Love the sis-in law x


    1. Thanks Julie, it’s Nigel Slater’s. I’ll see if I can what’s app it to you. I also found some instructions for crochet square slippers on someone’s blog I think you might like (!) so I’ll send that over too xx


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