Welcome to my patio!

Looks good, doesn’t it with our new patio seating? There’s no way the cushions are going to stay this white but it looks so nice for now. This is my little oasis of calm, surrounded by pretty flowers and hanging baskets. So far we have only had tea and cake on the little table but I’m dreaming/planning a round of margaritas or a chilled bottle of white wine for tomorrow night. It’s going to be VERY hot in the UK tomorrow. I have to work in an office with no A/C so not looking forward to that. By I am very much looking forward to home time and relaxing on the patio with drinks and nibbles.

Our house is full of flies at the moment in this hot weather. They are driving us mad buzzing in our ears. As soon as David swats one with the tennis racket executioner, another one appears. They are so annoying! We had this problem when we first moved in many years ago when there were cows in the field behind our house. Poor cows always seem to be plagued by flies. The cows left as did the flies. But now the flies are back worst luck. David is coming to see if he can deal with the culprit/s for me. It’s hard to hear yourself think to blog! BUZZ OFF!!!!!!!!!!

Ah, peace at last.. for a little while at least. Thank you David.

When I’m home for the day, like today, I like to use the slow coooker.. life in the slow lane. This morning I made chocolate mousses in the slow cooker. Unusual. I didn’t even think you had to cook chocolate mousse, but I did. They are currently chilling in the fridge. This is them before cooking. They were covered in foil and sat in hot water in the slow cooker for two and a half hours. Looking forward to trying them later.

After the mousse cooking we went out for lunch at a local garden centre. This was the view..

I joked to David we could have bought a Christmas tree today…. !

£34.99 is a bit steep though. They were tiny. And who knows where we’ll all be at by Christmas. I apologise for using the C word in July. Outrageous behaviour.

After that we did one of our favourite walks in Windsor Great Park. There were hardly any people there today. Where is everybody??? Too hot for them? Gone to Bournemouth beach to cause another incident? On holiday in France like everyone else I know who can’t go to Spain any more? Well it suits me to have The Great Park all to ourselves. We spotted the cows in the distance all in a huddle trying to keep cool under a tree.

You can see why I love it here. Trees. Blue sky. Walking. Breathe and relax!

This is David’s favourite bit, we call it the dingly dell.

Then it was back home for tea and cake on the patio. David had a cupcake from Emma’s pantry via Ocado. I had a shop bought fruit scone with home made rhubarb jam. The jam is very tasty but a little bit too runny to win any competitions. I have not quite mastered jam setting.

Then it was back to the slow cooker to make mushroom stew for supper. It has 3 different types of mushrooms: portobello, white and chestnut. Together with potatoes and tomatoes etc. It looks and smells good! I haven’t made this before. We’ll be eating in the garden again.

I wasn’t sure what to serve with this. I thought maybe some peas, but I don’t want to scare David off with too many vegetables on a plate! So I’ve gone for rice, as there are chilli flakes just added to the stew and it will be a bit like a curry.

In answer to the Very Important Sweet Pea question, the question has been answered.. they are not just purple flowers… here is a pretty deep pink one just appeared.

The next question is whether there will also be any pale pink flowers….? Answers on a postcard please x 😎🌻🌞

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

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