Clean house + exercise

Hi, this is a nice little collection of plants in our nice clean bathroom. I cannot take credit for the clean bathroom, that was my husband. Well done, David. I’ve realised over the past year that my husband is good at housework. I hope the novelty doesn’t wear off as I think he quite enjoys it, preferable to his old corporate life at any rate. The little plant at the front is a cute little air plant (no soil) that I bought for David. I thought it was quite sci fi, which is his thing. The lump of rock is from Mount Vesuvius I believe. So how have you been getting on with your time at home? All spick and span now?

I have started to spend more time cooking and exercising in the house. Tonight I’ve gone back to this cookbook that I really like.

And from this book tonight I am making for the second time the chicken and bacon turnovers. Last time they were very good and I served them with baked beans, as shown below. 😋 Yum.

As for the exercising, I need to keep this up to justify my gourmet lifestyle.

We do a daily walk each day, saw no friends today on the corner. The local housing estate looks much the same each day, criss cross criss cross from one pavement to the other trying to avoid the other potentially virus infected people. We often end up in the middle of the road for a while, it seems safer than being next to the people.

Then I have Joe Wicks’s daily PE lesson on You tube. I do this 2-3 times a week and I am really enjoying it. I haven’t done this type of exercise eg star jumps and squats etc for a long time. I quite enjoy the bunny hops jumping high in the air, which only work properly if you use your hands as bunny ears. Have I lost the plot? Yes, probably.

Tomorrow I have got some more grown up exercise to look forward to. I have booked an online yoga class with local yoga teacher Mark Stenning. I used to go to Mark’s class every Saturday, but the class moved location and I haven’t been for a while. So another little plus of this situation (trying to find a few) is that I can do Mark’s class again. As the weather is so pleasant I have practised my technical set up with my husband’s help with an iPad on a music stand in the garden, and I think it’s going to work. The neighbours may see/hear me yoga-ring. Well, maybe they could just join in too! If you want to take a look at Mark’s timetable of classes, together with his wife Ali’s, it is here:

So maybe join me in the virtual yoga class tomorrow at 9 am? Contact Mark on the number above if you wish to do so. I’ll be the one in the sunglasses 😎 saluting to the sun.

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

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