We have a winner!

Photo by Vlad Cheu021ban on Pexels.com

And the winner is…. Pat Ashton from Old Windsor. Big congratulations to Pat who provided all the correct answers to all 15 questions within just 1 hour 22 minutes of the competition opening. Well done Pat. You have truly been paying attention to The Waffle and your lovely chocolate will be on its way to you shortly. Very many thanks to all the other entrants, I appreciate your time and effort, better luck next time. The correct quiz answers will be published later in the week, in case some of you are still working on the quiz just for fun.

So how are you all doing? Good, I hope. Cooking up a storm in the kitchen? Having lots of lovely treats? I do hope so.

It’s great to get out in the fresh air once a day for our walk, and we are so lucky in this country to still have the freedom to do this. I don’t like to complain….. but….now that we are not supposed to drive anywhere to go for a walk we walk round and around our local housing estate and it is beginning to get a bit tedious… I have seen all the houses and gardens and flowers already. So I was so excited to see our friends Erica and Rob (and Tamara the dog) on the corner of the street a couple of days ago and do some long distance smiling and waving across the street at them. “Wow, real people!” said Erica. Yesterday we did a similar walk (nowhere else to go) and I looked for my friends again on the corner and I was just getting a bit lonely and then up popped Tina and Gary – as if by magic! Wow, more long distance smiling and waving across the road, that corner is the place to be. Erica you’re such a trend setter. I will now want to see friends EVERY time I pass that corner, so there. Who’s next?. Sue and Pete?

On Saturday we had to deliver shopping to my mother in law in Crowthorne so we took the opportunity to do our daily walk there for a change. After avoiding the high street that was far too crowded with people we walked up towards Broadmoor Hospital. There are some interesting trees up there including what looks like a redwood. The weather was gorgeous. Here are a few photos you might enjoy:

I’m still dreaming about living in this little wooden house in the woods, so cute.

That’s it for now. Well done Pat again. What’s for dinner? Ready made fish pie from Waitrose with petits pois for us tonight. I may cook something tomorrow night, watch this space!

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

2 thoughts on “We have a winner!

  1. I have never won anything before so well happy and cannot wait for the lovely chocolate to arrive and for me to eat it all to MYSELF 🍫🤢🤪👍


  2. Just be very careful doing the jump for joy like the man in the picture because you might end up in A & E and we don’t want that, especially at the moment ! X


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