Bed time Zzzzzzzzz

This picture obviously has nothing at all to do with bed time, and hopefully won’t give you nightmares. It is a moth in my garden on the garden hose I noticed the other day. I’m torn between thinking it’s quite cute and interesting, or quite creepy and a bit too furry moth like. It was quite big. If you weren’t already traumatised, here’s another shot of it.

It’s been a busy day, but good and productive. So I now find myself for the first time ever blogging in my PJs in bed. Seriously! Usually I’m all set up sitting at a chair in the dining room, fully clothed and with a glass of water on hand. I have a little OCD habit in that I absolutely cannot start the blog without the prepared glass of water, just in case. I don’t know what I think will happen if I have to interrupt my blogging train of thought/masterpiece (?!) to go to the kitchen for some water, but I seem to have an ingrained fear of this happening… strange but true.

So now I’m off to sip my delicious water next to the bed (I do love water), quickly blow dry my damp hair from the bath and have a good sleep. Work and paella garden party tomorrow. Thank goodness for going out again.. with mitigations. Really had enough of the cooped up life last week.

Here’s my duvet by the way… in my subdued bedroom lighting.

Oh so snuggly. I ❤️bed time. Night night xx

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

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