At least another 3 weeks of lockdown! Arrrrrrggggggggh!

Aren’t my flowers lovely? They were delivered this morning and are a surprise early birthday present from my school friend Sarah. Thank you Sarah, they are beautiful. I haven’t opened the other presents and cards that have arrived yet. And no, I haven’t even been peeking.

Today I worked from home, what little I had to do, and then returned the laptop and mobile to the office. My 10 day staycation has now officially started. Let’s hope it’s not a bore-fest. Such a weird feeling to break up from work for holiday without a last minute stress and rush and worry about everything that might get missed while I’m away. They’ll be lucky if anything happens at all. I had a little pile of gift bags and cards in the office waiting for me, no people there when I popped in, so I scooped up my gifts and off home I went.

Last night we had haggis for dinner with boiled potatoes, carrots and gravy. We enjoyed it although we both decided we prefer the cheaper tinned haggis we sometimes have. It only costs £1.45 for quite a big tin that easily serves two and you can microwave it in 4 minutes. My parents have now got a couple of tins in their supplies. I hope they like it.

The best meal of the week so far was the Thai green prawn curry from the Good Housekeeping Express cookbook. The flavours were so fresh with lime juice, coriander and green chilli. I like heavier Indian style curries too, but it’s quite satisfying creating these delicate dishes you get from Thai and Indonesian style recipes. Here is the award winning dish ready to serve, look at those lovely juicy king prawns! The green bits are spinach. The rice noodles are so thin and soft they cook really fast and melt in the mouth.

For tonight I’m getting hungry now. The basmati rice is on and the leftover roast lamb turned into curry is heating on the hob. I can’t tell you how good it smells. I’m off! X

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

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