Happy St David’s Day

Hello and Happy St David’s Day from TWW (The Windsor Waffle).

I know daffodils would be more appropriate but these lovely camellias have just sprung into bloom in my garden today. When I saw the fresh pink buds next to the glossy green leaves earlier in the week my heart did a little jump for joy. Spring is coming, yippee!!

For those of you still craving a daffodil, here you go:

Daffodils are much harder to photograph as they keep bobbing about in the breeze. They seem to have an extra life of their own, like ladies gossiping at a bus stop. I think that Wordsworth knew what he was talking about!

Having “surveyed the estate”.. my garden is honestly not that big but we like to use such terms, I notice the veg patch is looking pretty sorry for itself. The wooden slats were bought from good old Mahjack’s, such a useful, old fashioned DIY store which us locals are sorely missing. The wood is now a bit rotten and the earth about to bulge out the sides like a fat belly escaping a skirt waistband. I intend to get this fixed soon by a local handyman so I can start planting my seed potatoes. We usually have Arran pilots which are really tasty with skins so thin they fall off with a gentle scrape under the kitchen tap. There are NEVER any spare potatoes to share with our friends and family; we gobble them all up ourselves.

The rhubarb is looking amazing already!

That’s a lot of rhubarb crumble for one person (husband does not like it). Luckily I really do love rhubarb and especially crumble. Any stalks I can’t make use of go to family and friends. My parents eagerly accept my red and green parcels of the same. I believe they freeze it which maybe I will have to try now that we have got a new, slightly bigger freezer. I am looking forward to filling up the freezer with some yummy stuff. Of course I will remember everything that goes in and use it all in the correct order… yeah right, unidentified half cooked dinners from goodness knows when here we come….!

Published by thewindsorwaffle

I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

4 thoughts on “Happy St David’s Day

  1. Love this Spring piece, yes daffodils are cheap, cheerful & very welcome to see. Solid indicator that, at long last, Spring is around the corner, albeit a windy corner of late! My pink camellia has shown its tender buds these past few days so hoping we avoid any sharp frosts that always appear as soon as the buds unfurl, the sneaky frost burns the buds every year!


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