Flowers, trees and food (TWW staples)

An interesting choice of window box flowers, these tall lilies, don’t you think? They made me stop and smile on my lunchtime walk this week. Here are some other pretty flowers..firstly our beautiful blue hydrangeas out the front. They are growing FAST! Some pretty specimens around our local estate. I’m loving this rich, deep purple.Continue reading “Flowers, trees and food (TWW staples)”

I ❤️ Wimbledon 🎾🍓🍹😎

Hi. Yesterday I was lucky enough to go to Wimbledon to see the tennis. I went with my friend Julie. We had a really great day and stayed there for 10 hours!!! The time flew by. I really love Wimbledon and have been many many times, mostly with my sister. After quite a lot ofContinue reading “I ❤️ Wimbledon 🎾🍓🍹😎”

Affordable Luxury

Hi. Do you like my new little wine/cocktail shelf for the bath? Quite decadent methinks. I tried it out last night with my wine glass slotted in and my little bowl of crisps. I was not brave enough to try putting a phone/kindle in the designated slot for this. I’m not one for reading inContinue reading “Affordable Luxury”