Smoky sausage chilli (and tennis)

This was last night’s dinner. Very yummy. You’ll have to bear with me as I am simultaneously blogging and watching Roger Federer. I ❤️Roger Federer. He’s amazing. The Polish guy who’s playing him, Hurkacz, is looking pretty good too. Anyway, back to the sausage chilli. It had black beans in it, and basically tasted likeContinue reading “Smoky sausage chilli (and tennis)”

I ❤️ Wimbledon 🎾🍓🍹😎

Hi. Yesterday I was lucky enough to go to Wimbledon to see the tennis. I went with my friend Julie. We had a really great day and stayed there for 10 hours!!! The time flew by. I really love Wimbledon and have been many many times, mostly with my sister. After quite a lot ofContinue reading “I ❤️ Wimbledon 🎾🍓🍹😎”