Hello new poinsettia

Well it must be nearly Christmas as we bought a poinsettia today. Windsor Garden Centre is sadly closing down, to make way for an Aldi supermarket. Squires Garden Centre has already gone. We are going to be left with no garden centres in Windsor at all. That is a sad state of affairs. But onContinue reading “Hello new poinsettia”

The inevitable lockdown no.2

Hi everyone. As we are still processing news of our looming second lockdown in England (starting Thursday), life in the Waffle household continues to be busy. My feeling of “oh no, how boooooorrring this is going to be” has temporarily left me as for the last couple of hours I have been trying to doContinue reading “The inevitable lockdown no.2”

Visit to Avebury

Hello. We’ve been on a little holiday. So exciting. We spent 3 nights in a cottage in Wales. I’ll tell you about the Welsh Wales bit next time when I’ve sorted out all the photos. On the way home yesterday we stopped off at Avebury, Wiltshire, where the stone circles are, and have been forContinue reading “Visit to Avebury”