Tuesday’s Waffle

Hi. I nearly called this “Wednesday’s Waffle” but it appears to be only Tuesday.. so there we go, silly me! I was sitting in my Mum’s care home lounge the other day where the main topic of conversation amongst the residents was what day of the week it was. Someone asked “What day is itContinue reading “Tuesday’s Waffle”

Snowdrops and Camellias

Hi. I took this shot above of the beautiful snowdrops in my garden today. Aren’t they lovely? Isn’t it amazing the detail you can get with an iPhone camera? There are a few clumps of snowdrops. They’ve only just come out properly, later than a lot of my neighbours’ for some reason. I was alsoContinue reading “Snowdrops and Camellias”

Quordle 🤩 v Wordle

Wow. I mean 🤩 🤩 WOW!!! Last night lying in bed I successfully completed Quordle. Quordle, if you didn’t know, is a crazy on speed version of Wordle. In Wordle you have to guess 1 five letter word and even that can be hard sometimes. In Quordle you simultaneously have to solve 4 different fiveContinue reading “Quordle 🤩 v Wordle”