Covid – the results are in

I am on the left, David on the right. As predicted both still positive. Both of us have fainter lines than last time we tested on Tuesday, and David’s is fainter than his first positive result a week ago. Does that mean anything, getting a fainter line? I wonder if it might just mean youContinue reading “Covid – the results are in”

All set for the big day tomorrow

Tomorrow is the great lateral flow test-off David v. Gail. Place your bets please on who is still going to be Covid positive. Here is a reminder of the situation so far.. David first tested positive last Friday. He had very slight symptoms start on the same day. Gail first tested positive a full 4Continue reading “All set for the big day tomorrow”

Another sunny day in Windsor, a bit ill and off work

Hi folks. This was the blue sky in Windsor yesterday, and we’ve had the same today. It’s cold but bright and sunny. I think I’ve got a cold. Negative lateral flow tests. My throat has been very sore and my ears inflamed. I have a very croaky voice. I was going to go to workContinue reading “Another sunny day in Windsor, a bit ill and off work”

O’ Christmas tree…

Hi. Do you like our Christmas tree? I love it. One of our better ones. There are more presents piling up under it by the day. This is Annabel the fairy, she sits on the top. Here she is last serene. She appears on my iPhone if I search on the photos page forContinue reading “O’ Christmas tree…”

Everything including the kitchen sink…

So here you are, my new kitchen sink. You get everything on The Waffle including the kitchen sink. It’s going to look better with the new quartz worktop. That’s being measured up tomorrow and being installed on 21 December I believe. We also got a new induction hob installed today. I have absolutely no ideaContinue reading “Everything including the kitchen sink…”

1st December… hurtling towards Christmas☃️🤩

I love this snowman and friends display in the front porch of one of my neighbours. It’s there every year. The house belongs to a very nice lady who used to get on the bus with me sometimes, I forget her name. Her sister used to get on the bus at the top of theContinue reading “1st December… hurtling towards Christmas☃️🤩”