Two year Anniversary of the Pandemic

Can you believe it? Today is the two year anniversary of the pandemic being declared by the WHO on 11 March 2020. At that stage there were 118,000 known cases of coronavirus in over 110 different countries. Doesn’t that number seem small now? 118,000 cases? I’m partly writing this for the CoronaDiaries project led byContinue reading “Two year Anniversary of the Pandemic”

Super speedy blog

Hi. You can’t judge a wine by its label, but I often do. This Hokusai great wave picture looks great on the bottle don’t you think? And the wine was tasty too. I’m in a hurry tonight. I have book club Christmas Zoom at 6.30 pm. We haven’t got any particular book to discuss asContinue reading “Super speedy blog”

501 deaths from Covid in the UK today

I don’t usually talk about the numbers of deaths from Covid. I see the figures on the news. Like we all do. Hundreds in the UK. Day by day. On Monday I saw the figures.. 213 deaths on Monday. I think I may even have thought, oh that’s not as bad as it could be,Continue reading “501 deaths from Covid in the UK today”