Bank holiday no.1 of 3 in May

Mayday mayday, there are 3 bank holidays in May for us in the UK this year. One too many I think, not sure we really need one next week for the Coronation, after all that is on the Saturday… just saying.

Anyway, the sun is shining so there’s no reason to be grumpy. David’s out pottering in the garden, the never ending task of trying to clear the moss from the lawn. I’ve just come in from having tea outside, eating homemade rhubarb cake, the first of the year, and listening to the birds singing. They sound very happy today.

As usual on a bank holiday Monday, it’s hard to find anywhere to go as there are people EVERYWHERE! We live in a very crowded part of the country. We tried to go for lunch at Stubbings garden centre near Maidenhead today but were scuppered by the queues of people. We ended up back in Windsor with free parking at my office and lunch at Monty’s café which is always good. I had a cheese and mushroom omelette with chips and David had a burger.

After lunch we wandered up the hill to the castle to see what was going on. Lots of people. Tourists everywhere. All the shops displaying or putting up coronation bunting and red, white and blue window displays. It’s a shame the castle itself is covered in scaffolding, not looking it’s best.

There are coronation banners.

So many people already. What will next weekend be like?

There are horse and carriage rides. This one looks like a competition for how many little girls will fit on the back of a horse.. 3 so far!?

+ a random man who has no idea he’s on The Waffle.. hello Mr having a pint on the phone!

If you zoom in on the girls I’m surprised how much stuff they took with them when they got up on the horse. One’s got her phone, and one’s got her bottle of J2O! Honestly, I’m so nosey, none of my business.

Some shop windows.. reflection of The Parish Church here.

Think I like teddy bears more than I like King Charles 🤣. Who said that? Off with their head!

Back in the suburbs, May is such a lovely time of year, full of vibrancy and hope for the nicer weather ahead, fingers crossed.

Aren’t these tulips gorgeous that have gone over now? They’ve opened up to proudly show their yellow centres to the world.

In The Waffle garden..there are bluebells.

The nice orange flowers we always forget the name of..

The azalea coming into bloom.

Plenty more rhubarb to come. Potatoes too. Yum yum. Still got some herb pots to fill.

Red robin waiting to be planted..

Last year’s lilies surprisingly coming up again in the pots.

New begonias no show so far.

By the way, this is the rhubarb cake recipe if you want to make it. It’s from The Seaside Baker. I know I’m always going on about this cake but it’s so easy and so good, if you like rhubarb that is.

Right, enough of this old waffle. Work tomorrow. Back next week with more news of The Coronation, aka The Chazzle Dazzle or Chas and Day Off 🤣🤣Xx

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

13 thoughts on “Bank holiday no.1 of 3 in May

  1. Lovely blog! You made me laugh! Fab to see the coronation signs and the waffle garden looks beautiful! So much lovely colour. No bank holidays at all for me and I’m so bitter about it!!! 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😘 enjoy work today xx

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    1. Locals are not that excited but one of my colleagues has decreed we all have to wear red, white and blue to the office tomorrow and no one has objected… my boss is unlikely to come in to our office tomorrow but if he does I wonder if he’ll notice?! Plenty of friends are going to afternoon Coronation parties on Saturday, I think more to do with the fact we have another long weekend to fill than in support of The King, but who knows?


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