It’s April….yippee 🥳😊❤️

Hello. How are you all? I’ve finished the fruit and veg March challenge. Here were the last few:

95 asparagus

96 leeks

97 tangerine

98 plums

99 edamame beans (which may be the same as soya beans)

100 samphire

We had some good meals this week based around these last veggies.

There was a chicken and asparagus tray bake that I don’t seem to have a photo of. This had chicken thighs; I often think chicken thighs are nicer than breasts, more juicy and they are cheaper.

Then there was a leek and blue cheese (St Agur) risotto.

Then for the first time I made gnocchi and that was quite easy and a big success. This was a recipe with samphire. I weirdly served this with beefburgers as I didn’t want David to comment on “another vegetarian meal”. He has since said this was the best meal of the week and he’d happily eat it next time without the burger. Always a bonus when I find a vegetable David enjoys rather than endures.

If you want to make this yourself, the recipe is here.

I’m so happy it is April, one of the top months of the year in my opinion. My Mum’s birthday, then my niece Hazel’s, then mine on the 17th. It’s also Easter which means chocolate eggs 😋😋😋. I ❤️ Easter eggs. David and I have some Lindor eggs waiting for us next weekend. In lockdown we had to have some weird chocolate free egg, all very odd and overpriced, but it was the only thing left in stock from Ocado at the time.

Today I’ve been to see my Mum, had lunch with David out at the hospice, had a short walk around the block (I went further than David as he still has a bad knee/back) and I did a bit of gardening. I’ve started planting up my herb pots. In this patch I have rhubarb that just does its own thing, potatoes that I planted and herbs on the wall.

The herbs so far are rosemary, chives and mint that have survived from last year, and newly planted coriander, basil, thyme and parsley. I bought growing herbs from Ocado. We’ll see how long they last. I have a few remaining pots to fill. This wall is South facing and the pots dry out quickly. They need frequent watering. I’ll try to find some recipes based around these herbs now. I’ve started eating this year’s rhubarb but haven’t made my favourite rhubarb cake yet.

I’ll leave you with some Spring-like photos from my walk earlier today. Have a good week! Xx

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

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