Nearly finished the fruit and veg challenge

Hi. This is the recent progress on my fruit and veg challenge:

77 blackberries

78 baby sweetcorn

79 ? Name?? Fibrous veg (cut into strips in Thai green curry, not sure what it was!?) = ? mooli

80 rhubarb ( home grown, stewed, gorgeous!)

81 parsnip

82 pak Choi

83 spring onions

84 pea shoots

85 olives

86 radishes

87 dates

88 nectarine

89 gherkins

90 soya beans

91 peas

92 celeriac

93 passion fruit (I bought this preprepared in a pouch and had it with Greek yoghurt).

94 dried dragon fruit (just don’t do it, horrible, might need a dentist now!)

So as you can see, only 6 more to go, I am on track. Well done me.

In other Waffle food news, this week I cooked a sausage and potato pie, very tasty. I’ve made this many times. The recipe is Nigel Slater’s.

Before cooking:

Pastry time..

Glaze with a bit of beaten egg and milk.

Into the oven et voilà!

David enjoyed the leftovers cold for his lunch the next day. I think there may have been Worcestershire sauce with it.

I also made mince and tatties from The British Cook Book.

This was a Scottish recipe. I’ve made mince and potatoes before but not quite like this. It was cooked in a beer called Porter that I’d never seen before. I bought it from Ocado, along with all the other ingredients. It made a very rich, deep gravy.

I tried a bit of the leftover ale. It was pretty tasty, and I’m not usually an ale drinker. I’m loving making these traditional British recipes.

Next week I’m planning on making something with asparagus and something with leeks as those are 2 vegetables still to go on my list.

What have you been cooking or eating recently? Anything good? Xx

Published by thewindsorwaffle

I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

8 thoughts on “Nearly finished the fruit and veg challenge

  1. 1. Next Swansea reunion we’ll go for a pint of Brains Dark!
    2. I cannot tell you how disappointed I am at the wholesome nature of your passion fruit consumption. I expected nothing less than a Pornstar 🍸😂🍸😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No it definitely wasn’t okra, I’m familiar with but not that keen on okra, it’s too furry! This was white. In strips. I’ve had the giant white radish raw and probably it was not that, but no idea what it was!?

      Liked by 1 person

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