Unexpected flowers + fruit and veg update

Hello. What a surprise! A big bouquet of flowers arrived for me today. It’s not my birthday, it’s not Valentine’s Day… who could they be from?! Clue: they’re not from my husband..

They’re from Skipton Building Society 🤣🤣. And who says romance is dead?!

I’ve had a lot of hassle with my Mum’s money. Skipton have made some mistakes but they’ve been not nearly as bad as Barclays in my opinion. I’ve been feeling pretty sad at times recently, so these flowers were lovely to receive. They still need to send me a form, which is the duplicate of a form I already completed last September, just don’t ask! Wondering if they could have couriered me the form which is stuck in the post, rather than the flowers, but I won’t look a gift horse (or flowers) in the mouth. Thank you Skipton, I suspect Matthew from Skipton, who I spoke to on Thursday.

Barclays, up your game please! Where are my flowers??? My compensation cheque? OMG I’m turning into a diva.

In other matters, I’m hoping I can improve both my physical and mental health by eating healthily. I’m on a target of consuming 100 different types of fruit and veg this month. Bearing in mind it’s only 11th March, this is going really well, albeit getting harder as time goes on, it’s getting more challenging to find ones I haven’t already eaten. Since my last blog, where I was up to no.33 = swede, here’s the progress:

34 satsuma

35 green beans

36 strawberries

37 celery

38 peaches

39 raspberries

40 prunes

41 shallots

42 apple

43 black beans

44 lime

45 sweetcorn

46 ginger

47 green chillies

48 currants

49 beetroot

50 petits pois

51 red chillies

52 broccoli

53 pears

54 pineapple

55 grapes

56 cherries

57 chestnut mushrooms

58 oyster mushrooms

59 portobello mushrooms

60 button mushrooms

61 rocket

So only another 39 to go, but as I said, it’s getting a bit harder now. I still haven’t had any cauliflower but will do soon, or butternut squash… or leeks… so lots of yumminess still to come. If they happen to be smothered in a cheese sauce, c’est la vie!

It’s still pretty cold, brrrr, doesn’t feel very Springlike and I can’t wear most of the clothes in my Spring “capsule” wardrobe yet as I’d freeze. My capsule needs work. I am aware that a capsule wardrobe is supposed to be about 38 items, but I find about 80 per season works for me, and there is an overlap of many items between the seasons. This season my first attempt is at 102 items. As I say, a work in progress and it’s not really working for me yet. Before I started this a few years ago I had something like 300 + items of clothing including shoes and coats (not including accessories) bulging out of my wardrobes at any one time yet nothing to wear 🤣🤣.

I’ll leave you with this Spring blossom from earlier today, let’s hope the Spring warmth will be with us soon. Keep smiling 😊 Xx

Published by thewindsorwaffle

I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

10 thoughts on “Unexpected flowers + fruit and veg update

    1. Yes I’m really appreciating the abundance of produce that is available, we make our lives unnecessarily narrow by sticking to the same familiar things all the time. The flowers were unusually nice in this often soulless corporate world.

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  1. What a lovely surprise for you to get the gorgeous 💐 you very much deserve them ⭐️✅
    And I love your pic of the blossom & bright blue sky. Debs 🤗

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  2. Wow. What a nice surprise from your building society. Yes, Barclays need to up their game. So sorry to hear you still have the palavar of Barclays. Something I never had when I used to be deputy for mum’s finances.

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  3. A nice gesture from Skipton, but I agree, wish they could have just sent you the form. 😉 I love the 100 fruits/vegetables challenge and might copy that!

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