March = fruit and veg bonanza!

Greetings Wafflers. I’ve decided to challenge myself to some healthy eating in March. Variety is the spice of life, so I’ve decided to set myself a goal of consuming 100 different types of fruit and vegetable this month. Also I’m trying to be mindful of my alcohol habits and maybe drink a little less.

I’m off to a cracking start, only 4 days into March. I’m making it up as I go along, but dried, tinned, frozen as well as fresh produce counts. Salad counts but herbs do not. Small amounts of fruit included in cereal bars do count. The quantity is not so important as the variety. I’m pushing myself slightly out of my comfort zone and usual habits here. When shopping I’m looking for mixed bags and tins of things. When I’m eating out I’m looking for items on the menu with a bigger list of ingredients fruit or veg. Otherwise this challenge would get really expensive and there would be a lot of waste, neither of which I’m aiming for.

So, this is my achievement so far in March:

1 dried cranberries

2 sultanas

3 tomato

4 lettuce

5 avocado

(? Red onion and capers – listed on menu but not sure they actually were in the wrap)

6 melon

7 watermelon

8 mango

9 kiwi

10 grapes

11 spinach

12 potatoes

13 raisins

14 onions

15 blueberries

(? Does raspberry jam count??!)

16 lemon

(+ Parsley and thyme though herbs don’t count!)

17 baked beans – yup, I’m counting those

18 dried apricots

19 dried sour cherries

20 dried goji berries

(+ chicory fibre?? whatever that is!)

21 aubergine

22 red pepper

23 garlic

24 yellow split peas

25 banana

26 dried orange

(Does thick cut orange marmalade count?!)

27 mixed leaves salad

28 white cabbage

29 red cabbage

30 red onion

31 carrots

32 cucumber

33 swede

Can’t believe I’ve eaten all this in only a few days!! I haven’t eaten more than usual, just more variety. Only another 67 to go… yum yum, watch this space! I haven’t even had any mushrooms yet, I love mushrooms. I pretty much enjoy all fruit and veg, and all food generally except nuts, I’m not that keen on nuts.

What are you eating at the moment? Keeping healthy and varied or stuck in a rut..?

I’ll leave you with a photo snapped on my walk up the hill today of the beautiful Spring blossom. Life is good 😊

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

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