A few days off work, cooking and other Waffle

Hello. I only worked on Thursday and Friday this week, so that was nice! My boss is away on holiday in New Zealand. I took a few days of annual leave with not much planned to do. I feel so much better for having a little rest.

I reset myself by getting back into the kitchen this week. I have been using my new cookery book..

There are some great recipes.

Chicken balti (yes, that’s a British dish, curry made for the British palate). So tasty, although unless David and I are particularly greedy, the quantities are incorrect as this was stated to serve 4 people and we easily ate it between 2. I served it with basmati and wild rice (it comes in a mixed bag from Ocado/M &S).

Next there were Empire biscuits. OMG so tasty. Like two relatively thin, melt in the mouth shortbread rounds sandwiched with raspberry jam and iced with a cherry on the top. This is biscuit heaven. I’ve really enjoyed these. 2 out of 12 biscuits left and I’ve definitely eaten more of them than David, although he likes them too. 🐷

Then back to the savoury with a sausage and bacon casserole..

Cooked in cider amongst other things. A rich, sweet sauce with succulent sausages and veg. Mmmmm 😋. I served this with new potatoes with the skins still on in big, deep dishes.

I found the cooking especially therapeutic and hope to carry on next week.

I also got to go swimming which was lovely. How sweet is this donation/collection point at the entrance to the leisure centre in Staines? It’s called a “wall of kindness” to leave or collect coats and scarves. Let’s all keep warm!

I met a friend for a double coffee and catch up session at Gogos Waterfront 😊 ☕️.

I’ve been walking, cycling, reading and mending some clothes. I also went to see “Avatar: the way of water” at the cinema with Sue, which we both enjoyed very much. In February I’ve seen 4 films: Avatar, Marcel the shell with shoes on, The Fabelmans and The Whale. Not bad for my £14.99 a month membership.

I’ve also started to benefit from the £2. single bus fare special offer. I never knew about this before. The usual price return Windsor to Maidenhead on the bus is a ridiculous £7.20. so £2. each way is obviously much better! And I’ve discovered this is for most buses in England and extended until the end of June. It is a government subsidised scheme and even includes the Green line 702 bus Windsor to central London so that’s an amazing price and we can go for walk and coffee in Kensington or Hyde Park next time! Check it out below..

Now if you’re state pension age you can travel for free anyway on the bus, but why not take your younger friends and family like me without them paying through the nose! (What a funny expression that is!)

Hope you’re all well. Let me know if you take a bus where you end up and what adventures you may have! 😎 Xx

Published by thewindsorwaffle

I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

5 thoughts on “A few days off work, cooking and other Waffle

  1. Those biscuits sound like heaven. I was like oh wow, as though I ate one. Lol

    Sounds like a lovely relaxing time with what you have been doing and I am glad you are feeling recharged.

    I plan to put a few annual lesves in that continue on from a bank holiday Monday in April. I plan to do this with both my jobs as an ealier needed recharge.

    Have a good weekend.

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