Quick blog before tea

Hi. I do love a cup of tea and a piece of cake, don’t you? For me the tea is usually English breakfast or occasionally Earl Grey, with semi skimmed milk and no sugar. I have caffeine whereas David has decaffeinated. I don’t know why really as he drinks Diet Coke which contains caffeine, but it’s up to him. I’d find it hard to get through my working week without my little caffeine coffee and tea hits, not that I drink a massive amount, usually 3-4 cups a day. In the evening I usually have green tea with lemon. What am I waffling on about?!

The weather is sunny and bright today. Spring seems to be coming. In the garden we have snowdrops and crocuses.

So lovely!

The rhubarb has started to grow again.

Yum yum rhubarb crumbles here we come 😋.

The herb wall really needs tidying up after the winter, what a mess.

I’m looking forward to getting out here again and clearing it up and planting new stuff.

Yesterday I started chitting my potatoes. There was some merriment in the house when I told David I was chitting.. of course he misheard 🤣, he didn’t know what chitting was. You put the seed potatoes into egg boxes, I use the plastic egg trays from the fridge, with the eyes pointing upwards, ready to start sprouting. I use Arran Pilot seed potatoes. They’re an old variety David’s grandparents used to grow in Swansea. They’re usually delicious.

There is gorgeous blue sky in Windsor today.

David and I went for quite a long walk up to St Leonard’s Hill and back, good to stretch the legs a bit.

Last night we tried a couple of new bars in Windsor. Firstly was the Two Flints Brewery in the arches. I love this new place. Great beer locally brewed in a funky industrial type setting with the brewery equipment on view. They were selling burgers from outside too. I had the amber lager. It was delicious. We’ll definitely be coming back here.

We also tried out La Planchette which is a French wine bar behind the theatre in Windsor. On entering there was a bit of a damp smell, but overall we liked it there too. If you order a large glass of wine you get it served in a mini carafe which is very cute. The French ladies running the place were good hosts and friendly. They do some boards with charcuterie and cheeses on but while we were there people were only drinking.

Time for tea now so I’m off to put the kettle on. Waffle over and out! X 🫖🍰

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

17 thoughts on “Quick blog before tea

      1. Oh well..I guess I’ll stick to buying potatoes :)..thanks for explaining the process to me. It must be fun to grow vegetables and have cook fresh from the garden.☀️


  1. You also have to keep earthing them up once they start growing in the ground.. basically just making a mound of Earth on top of them. They’re usually ready to harvest once they’ve flowered. I find them really easy to grow and so different from supermarket potatoes. The skins are so thin they fall off with a little scrape from a knife and the texture is gorgeous.. so nice.

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