Windsor, Wellington College trees + my first Vintage pop up sale

Hi. Just waiting for the roast chicken to finish roasting in the oven.

Yesterday David and I went for a walk in the Home Park in Windsor. David noticed the nice reflection of this house boat in the River Thames. I’m quite pleased with this photo I took. It seems well balanced and I like the bright blue of the boat against the greyness of the day.

This afternoon I snapped some trees at Wellington College, Crowthorne as we walked through their grounds.

Spotted my first daffodils… Spring is coming 😊🎉

Then some pretty purple crocuses in Crowthorne. Gorgeous light today.

And here’s another commissioned by David, the holly and the berries…don’t you just love that glossiness of holly leaves?

So that was a lovely look at nature. I’ve decided my Spring (sort of capsule) wardrobe will be colourful like Spring this year. This morning I went to a Vintage fashion pop up sale at Windsor racecourse. A bit out of my comfort zone, in a good way. I cycled down there looking for some colourful bits. Quite an interesting experience. First of all you had to queue for ages even with a ticket. Inside it was cramped with rails of stuff and extremely crowded with people, mostly a lot younger than I am. It was a bit of an organised bun fight. In the end I quite enjoyed it but felt a little out of control grabbing things off the rails in the bargain frenzy!

It was £2. entry and then that was deducted from your purchases which were weighed and cost £25. per kilo. I spent a total of £39.95 for 7 items so that makes it under £6. per item. You couldn’t try them on and there wasn’t even a mirror so I knew I wouldn’t keep all of them. When I got home I’ve ended up keeping 4 out of 7. One was too small and two were unflattering. I still need to wash them and work out what goes with what, but I think I got some good bits, and it was quite fun to do something different.

I think the bright yellow top is my favourite. It’s really pretty and vibrant and fits me well. It goes nicely under my new jacket which I had no intention of buying at all. I’ll try to do some styling photos later on 🤣🤣🤣

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