Life is a walk in the park..

Well, yesterday morning it was, anyway.

I had a lovely cappuccino, carrot cake and chat with my friend at the Imperial Park café in Windsor. The sun had kindly put his hat on which was very welcome. Gorgeous views. A few little dogs but no big scary ones. We walked several laps of the park after coffee. Just what the doctor ordered, I honestly wanted to do this for so long but was too busy with my parents’ work.

We heard a woodpecker, but couldn’t see it. We saw a cheeky squirrel who didn’t want to pose for a photo, too busy running about in the trees. There was a pretty little bird, a goldfinch I think.

Then it was back home to reality and more heated words with Barclays on the phone before I burst into tears and hung up on them. I have now registered a complaint about their complaints service. You couldn’t make it up.

The evening was saved, however, by a steak and kidney pudding, new potatoes, mixed veg and extra gravy, followed by a visit to Maidenhead Odeon cinema to see The Fabelmans, which Sue and I really enjoyed.

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

5 thoughts on “Life is a walk in the park..

  1. Three times this week I have been walking round my local res after my morning job. So that’s beating my average score of two a week.
    I took longer walking round though today and I took my camera with me after charging it last night
    I have not used my camera last I don’t know in how many years.
    I have called in the cafe each time I have been on there.

    It’s a bugger you have to make a complaint about their complaints dept. Yes, you certainly couldn’t make it up. X

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