Getting ready for a January declutter

Hi. Last year I did the Orjenise 100 challenge. I actually got rid of 200 items from my house last January. I still have space in my cupboards. Been patting myself on the back all year for this.

Even though I’m already really really busy in January, even busier than usual.. I have an ongoing house sale and flat purchase/moving for my Dad, the regular weekly visits to my Mum at the care home, my normal job +++ as my colleague is going to be off for a couple of weeks or so. Yet I find I’m still up for this. If I can fit it in I reckon anyone can. Orjenise 100. You can check it out here. You get helpful daily prompts of suggested categories to declutter from your home from the nice lady Jenn.

Last year I got so enthusiastic about this we decluttered 100 items from the office too. This year will be just for home for me. Some of my parents’ stuff has crept into my home.. clothes my Mum might need later on, an awful lot of paperwork and banking stuff etc etc. I find this stuff really hard to sort, as it’s not mine and my Mum always hated throwing ANYTHING away. I feel her voice screaming in my head (“No, Gail!”) when I take her stuff to the charity shop. She doesn’t need much now in the care home. I’m trying to make my Dad safer at his home and he doesn’t want to be surrounded by her things any more. He is sorting out a lot of his things too but we have constant little battles about for example, how many ladders are required in a flat.. I say 1 step stool or step ladder, my Dad thinks about 3 of his ladders of varying sizes are needed and feels extremely strongly there should be at least 2. I sigh but it’s his flat, his life. I just hope he doesn’t trip over all the stuff. He’s actually thrown away A LOT and paid for storage for 6 months for other stuff to sort out after the move, so we’re getting there but still a long way to go..

I feel like holiday time is over already. I’ve been to Kingston doing banking for my parents yesterday, been to work this morning, been battling Barclays again on the phone this afternoon. Tomorrow I’m up early to take my Dad to St George’s for his check up. This is actually usually one of my favourite times of the year, this Twixmas. You can do nothing and relax after the excesses of Christmas, or you can be busy like me this year but feel extremely virtuous as many people are still sitting on the sofa stuffing their faces, this is what I imagine..actually I can’t think of anyone I know personally who’s doing this!? Our solicitor maybe? The estate agents?

As it looks like Skipton building society don’t want to call me back for a second time today I think I’m going out for a walk now. I have a few items to go into the Fire Station charity bank. I will not be counting these towards Orjenise 100. 100 items are for January only. No bending of the rules here!!

Happy Twixmas! Xx

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

16 thoughts on “Getting ready for a January declutter

  1. Happy Twixmas Gail, love that!! I will try Orjenise this year too….. I will try at least. I’m sorry there is so much for you to have to do just now. It must be so tiring. Sending love xxx

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    1. Thank you! Feel like I had a mini moan on the blog. Sometimes I don’t know what’s going to come out when I write it, you must have the same experience. Glad you’re on for Orjenise 100, she makes it really easy. Not to be confused with orgies as my colleagues thought at first 🤣🤣X

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      1. Hahahaha!! This is the first time I’ve realised it’s or-Jen-ise like organise…. And she’s Jen. I always thought it was a fancy Japanese word for some reason. Thought that would make you laugh!! I never know what’s going to come out tbh…. It didn’t come across as a moan at all. Rmbr you are sick of thinking it but we don’t hear it as much as you think it, if that makes any sense?! 😆😘 xx

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  2. Happy Twixmas to you tto. i did a lot of decluttering last year. I am about to declutter my email inbox after Christmas. more than 300 emails. I’m sure I don’t need to read all of them! were also planning from moving from a 3 bedroom house to a one bedroom cottage this year. that is going to be a big challenge. Any recommendations for storage places? Ihope you have a better new year.

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    1. Well done Basia. Are you moving locally in Cookham? I wish my parents had downsized before but there was no telling them until crisis point. I’m using Space4U storage in Windsor for my Dad’s stuff. So far they seem very friendly and helpful, reasonably priced. I tried getting a quote from the new one in Maidenhead Lok’n’store by Lidl and they drove me mad calling me 6 times a day!! put me right off… good luck with your plans.

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    1. Thank you. I’ve got rid of 39 items of mainly toiletries and food in the last 2 days. Using up lots of odd bits and bobs! Enjoying dried cranberries and cheesy biscuits I’d forgotten about.. my face is cleansed and my hair conditioned…😊

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