Christmas Prep 🎅🏻 🎁🎉

Hi everyone. Ho Ho Ho! How is your Christmas prep going? I’ve started but I’m definitely not even half way through my preparations, not stressed, but feeling festive already.

I’ve bought myself a gift 🤣🤣. For the last 3 years I’ve treated myself to a Beauty Advent Calendar. I really enjoy this. This year’s is from Avon via far so good. I wonder what will be in box number 5 tomorrow morning? The packaging is really beautifully designed.

What lovely little boxes of treats for me! ❤️

I’ve made my Christmas pud and it’s all waiting for steaming on Christmas Day. I’m not making a cake this year as it used to go so well but I’ve had a couple of disasters since we changed our oven and I could do without the hassle with my family dramas this year.

Here is a previous pud..

Yum yum.

We will be having turkey on Christmas Day with all the trimmings. We like to eat it later on, probably around 4.00 pm, as this will allow time for a visit to the pub and the care home to see my Mum. My Dad is joining us for dinner for the first time perhaps ever at our house, so that’s different.

How are you getting on with the mince pies? Sarah at work and I are getting through a few boxes. We tried some that came in a gift hamper. Honestly so disgusting. We are both mince pie lovers but they were appalling. Sarah said the pastry tasted of fur, which honestly wasn’t far off. After that we moved on to Sainsbury’s all butter ? Taste the difference mince pies. They were great. All butter ones are usually the best IMO. Next we had M & S iced top mince pies. They were quite nice but maybe not traditional enough for me and the icing was pretty gooey. I think I would have preferred a firmer, Bakewell tart type icing, if you see what I mean, or probably actually no icing at all.

Yesterday I had a haircut and my hairdresser tempted me to a Bailey’s coffee, and then David and I went out with a party of 24 for a curry with one of David’s oldest friends. So as you can see we are getting into the festive swing of things.

Now I’m off to put the stuffing for tonight’s roast chicken dinner in the oven and then try on my party dress for the work Xmas do. I need to figure out how I’m going to make it warm enough with some kind of scarf/cardy/jacket combo. It’s going to be frrrrreeeeezing 🥶folks here later this week, down to -4 degrees C at night. Sadly no snow forecast yet.

Hope your prep is going well. Thanks for tuning in to the pre-Christmas Waffle Xx

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

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      1. Yes I think so , I just have to be brave enough to share it with some folks waiting for a pres. forgot to say, a full hair shampoo yesterday and a lovely black tulip perfume today! Xx

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