Purple berries

Hi. Aren’t these amazing? I spotted these soon after the pink berries. Even better in my opinion.

I also found some great holly, very festive. Ho Ho Ho. 🎅🏻

I’m pleased to report I am feeling so much better than last weekend. I have a cold but I’m not in a mental slump any more. I decided not to visit my Mum at the care home this morning because of my cold symptoms. Last night and overnight I was a bit feverish. My Covid test was negative but I thought I’d go to see her tomorrow instead if I feel better and I’m still negative. It’s tricky as when I wear a mask my Mum always politely asks me to remove it as she can’t hear properly without lip reading. I spoke to her on the phone this morning and she said she wasn’t very well herself. She said she was dizzy and weak and hadn’t seen anyone for ages and ages. She seemed to still be in bed at 11 am. So I’m a little concerned but I’ve promised to go in tomorrow all being well. She was very pleased about that.

My Dad seems to be doing OK at the moment, so that’s a relief. He is getting into the swing of decluttering the house. About time. He sends me frequent text messages with photos of things he can’t decide what to do with. There is a lot of stuff.

I haven’t bought anything in The Black Friday sales, have you? I think I’ve got enough stuff already in my life. David meanwhile has bought a second hand iPhone which is actually going to be my Christmas gift to him, and I’ll be having his old iPhone which is better than mine as my Christmas 🎁 gift. David really loves techy stuff. He’s also bought a big new TV screen for using with his flight simulator. He is very happy with it, although the first time he demonstrated the new screen in action to me he crashed the plane into The River Thames 🤣🤣.

So that’s all The Waffle from me for today. My GP surgery just texted me inviting me to do a survey about my appointment yesterday. Err, no thank you, I hate being constantly bombarded with survey requests. Important nap time instead 💤. Have a great weekend everybody! Xx

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

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