A little overwhelmed

Hi. Today I’ve felt a little overwhelmed with all the stuff to do for my parents. After a day with my Dad yesterday and bringing home several bags of my Mum’s clothes to sort through I woke up early thinking of the piles and piles of accumulated stuff in my parents’ house and I had a migraine.

The migraine tablets I take tend to make me a bit nauseous which I still felt when I set off for the care home to visit my Mum. Usually I see her on a Saturday which I hadn’t done due to seeing my Dad yesterday. I didn’t think she’d notice but she exclaimed “I feel like I haven’t seen you for ages and ages!” She looked good, hair brushed and tidy, a nice outfit on with a soft grey cardigan I’d taken in last time and one of my old blouses. We enjoyed doing the third Winnie the Pooh jigsaw together. It was Winnie and friends playing basketball this time. We’ve already done the golf and the football one. Each one is square and has 49 pieces. As she had been looking forward to the new puzzle she after completion said “oh, but now we don’t have a new one to do any more” but she soon cheered up when I promised to buy a new set of 3 puzzles to try. It’s a funny thing dementia. Sometimes they remember things when you don’t expect them to.

While I was there a new carer came in to check on us and gasped when she saw the view of Windsor Castle. My Mum’s room has the most amazing view of the castle. My Dad used to joke she had a better view than The Queen. I chose the room for her when we arrived at the home. The manager had swiftly given me the task of choosing the room when my Mum started to cry and then I started to wobble too. I did a good job as the view is incredible and my Mum loves it, constantly watching to see whether there is a flag flying or not.

She also loves to watch the traffic and spot different coloured cars and plane spotting too, lots to see from her window.

So it was a good visit today and she didn’t cry when I left which was a relief. My migraine lifted and rest of the day has been fine too. I’ve taken several bags of clothes to the Fire Station collection bin. But I do feel guilty. I have to decide what my Mum keeps and gets rid of. These are hard decisions and I know she would choose to keep everything if I asked her.

Tomorrow is the ongoing “Battle of Barclays”, don’t ask, just don’t ask…

Also work tomorrow which now seems like a doddle compared to my home life tasks, yet it used to feel so difficult.. perhaps I always have to find something challenging in my life?!? Is that who I am?

I’ll leave you with a few pictures of our short walk in Windsor Great Park today. The light and the sky was very beautiful. I also marvelled at the rich reddy brown colour of the cows, gorgeous!

I just love trees more and more..

The pheasants were very noisy!

Bye for now Xx

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

9 thoughts on “A little overwhelmed

  1. Little by little, one day at a time. You are doing so, so well. You really don’t have to do everything at once- what you are already doing is the most important thing – looking after your parents in the kindest way. and not neglecting your husband or your work. you must find time for yourself too. Can you read for relaxation?

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    1. Thanks Basia, yes I do read a bit, other people’s blogs and books, currently reading a book written by a lady called Wendy Mitchell with early onset dementia, she is amazing and her blog too, although maybe I should rethink my reading choice as I’m not exactly getting away from it all! But it does help to understand.

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      1. the best book I read about dementia was Iris about Iris Murdoch, written by her husband. But every case is so different. what matters is that your mother is getting the care and the love she needs. I was thinking more about pure escapist novels, to get you right away from where you are right now.

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  2. I’m sorry you’ve felt rotten lovely. Such difficult things for you to deal with on your own. I wish you victory in the Battle with Barclays. I can only imagine. Sending love xxx

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