Fulham Palace

Hi. How are you all? I’m not sure my last post had uploaded properly so I’ve just hit the publish button on “Autumn Leaves” again so you may or may not get 2 new posts today.

Yesterday I visited Fulham Palace with my old school friend Sarah. We’d been meaning to go there since lockdown and finally got around to it. It was the first time visiting this place for both of us. Sarah lives quite nearby and I travelled by train from Windsor to Putney and then walked over Putney Bridge and a short walk on to the Palace.

It’s definitely more of a house than a palace. It’s the historic home of the Bishop of London since way back to something like 870 AD. The house and the gardens are completely FREE to enter. Yippee!

The house I toured by myself before Sarah joined me. I found myself the only person touring the house where I seemed to come across possibly more toilets than exhibits 🤣. There isn’t that much to see inside. The great hall and the chapel are quite nice, other than that there are quite a few empty rooms and it’s a bit confusing which way to turn next.

If I was a little underwhelmed with the inside bit, the outside more than made up for it. It was such a gorgeously sunny autumnal day. There are many species of interesting old trees and plants. One of the Bishops, Bishop Compton (1675-1713), had been an avid tree and plant collector half a century before the founding of the botanic gardens at Kew. There is an absolutely charming walled garden that reminded me of Chelsea Physic Garden including a cute barrow with small produce for sale with an honesty box for payment.

I honestly had such a relaxing time in the sunshine of the walled garden, beautiful vibe, a few other peaceful people but not busy at all.

Such wonderful blooms. Wow wow wow!

There was a 500 year old tree in the grounds called a Holm Oak. It’s leaves didn’t look very oak like to me. Apparently it’s an evergreen.


The café was very good. Sarah and I both had homemade quiche and salad and a glass of wine. The cakes looked good too. Here’s the main menu..

We had a lovely table outside looking out at the grounds and trees. It was quite quiet for London and easy to find a space. I am DEFINITELY coming here again!

So what a great and relaxing day and a good catch up with one of my oldest friends. I thoroughly recommend this place 😎.

Bishop Compton introduced trees such as the magnolia tree never before seen in England. These are very popular now. I wonder where they came from originally? 🤔

Posing squirrel!

Back home over Putney Bridge. Back soon Wafflers Xx.

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