Swansea weekend away

Hello. After my Houston trip I just managed to have ANOTHER mini break! Life is good. I went to Swansea for 3 nights with some of my Uni friends. We were supposed to be 5 girls but sadly ended up as just 4 rather than the famous five as Sally had a last minute emergency at home. Sally, if you’re reading this, we missed you loads and I hope all is as well at home as it can be at this stage. Meanwhile Emily, Jo and Sarah, thanks for your great company as always in Swansea.

We had the best weather and two of our pack even ended up swimming in the sea at Caswell. Brrrrr! I wimped out of that one.

We did LOADS of walking. The Gower is so beautiful. We also walked all over Swansea… the excitement of Wind Street on a Saturday night, revisiting all our old haunts at the University and our student accommodation. We even ended up back in the campus library for a laugh!

We had dinner at the top of Swansea tower at Grape and Olive, fabulous view.

We stayed at Morgan’s, always good at Morgan’s. I love the bar area.

We visited Swansea market and ate hot Welsh cakes. Yum. Jo and I also enjoyed Swansea market pasties on the way home on the train.

Just look at the blue sky?! October sunshine is the best.

Brangwyn Hall, scene of our graduation, many years ago..

The happy paddlers..

The happy walkers..resting…

Selfie on the Uni steps.

I haven’t asked anyone’s permission to put them on The Waffle (oops!), so I hope you don’t mind girls. You all look fabulous anyway, especially your smiling faces. See you all and Swansea again soon hopefully XxX 😎

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

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