Trip to Houston, Texas

Hi all. I’m back!

David and I have been away. We spent an enjoyable 6 nights in Houston, Texas. We had a good holiday and used some of our air miles.

I’m now back to work and my busy life looking after my parents etc but the break was very beneficial and it turns out both my parents were fine without me, which was a relief. I’ve been dithering about whether I’ll be able to keep up the blog now. It certainly won’t be 3 times a week as it was originally, but instead I’ll be posting a little as and when I can.

So without further ado, here are a few snaps from our holiday in the USA. It was very hot and sunny and 35 degrees C every day. We managed to keep cool 😎 in the good A/C in our hotel, in the downtown tunnels and all inside spaces in the city. The locals were very friendly and helpful to us.

We loved our visit to the Space Center and spent 5 hours there.

We visited lots of interesting places. We went on a tour of the Astros baseball ground at Minute Maid Park. The Astros are a very good team.

We had some tasty food of course. It was expensive especially with the current exchange rate. We ate quite a lot of fish and seafood which we love. We had steak once which was nice but not out of this world, maybe as we didn’t go to the best steak houses. We saw a few steaks at the smallest 8oz size for a whopping $59. without accompaniments which is now £59. That was more than we were prepared to pay, especially with the US tipping culture which is a lot more than the UK. In the UK we usually tip 10-12.5% and maybe not much at all for poor service. In the US you can’t really tip less than 15% in a restaurant without offending someone. The pancakes for breakfast were delicious.

Unfortunately I’ve been getting quite a few migraines recently, including at the start of the holiday and today. I’m not sure if this is stress related or hormonal. I’ll just keep taking the tablets and hope for the best. No alcohol for me tonight.

This was a very interesting museum. We liked the shells, the gems and the dinosaurs.

This is an ancient giant sloth. Made me think of my blog friend at The Rambling Sloth.

We also visited the aquarium which was rubbish.. just a fish tank inside a restaurant which wasn’t even open. Nil points.

We saw a show at The Hobby Center called Ain’t Misbehavin based on the 1920s/30s music of Fats Waller. We enjoyed that. It was a massive theatre.

I liked all the murals in the city. We travelled around on foot and also using Uber. We had some helpful friendly drivers.

The zoo was good although very hot 🥵. The elephants were extremely thirsty.

That’s it for now. I hope you enjoyed the Houston holiday tour. We made some nice memories. I’m off to cook the roast chicken dinner and talk to my Dad re house sales etc. Bye for now Xx

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8 thoughts on “Trip to Houston, Texas

  1. Wow what a lovely break, looks amazing. I’d love the space centre! How expensive were the steaks, wow! Love the giant sloth and I am famous with a mention in the Waffle! ♥️ The break will have done you the power of good! Xx (just realised that’s a lot of exclamation marks 😂)

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      1. Yeah I think I have to log in as me, when I went to bed last night it was still sitting saying log in so I did and it went! I’ll be a big sloth today 😂😂 actually started listening to Davina McCall’s menopausing and I wonder if that’s maybe what all this is….. will keep listening! Have a good day!! X

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  2. It’s great to see you back, and I hope you are able to keep up with the blog! But understand how life gets in the way and taking care of your parents come first.

    Looks like you had a fun trip. I’m glad you got the time off and were able to relax. Also, what a coincidence that we were both in Texas at the same time!

    For what it’s worth, I’ve lived in the US my whole life and still get annoyed by our tipping culture.

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